Agga Bai Sasubai 18 October 2020 Written Update: Shubhra To Bring Abhijeet Back?

In the upcoming episode, we will see Shubhra coming up with a plan to get Abhijeet back in the house.

Rohan Patil

October 17, 2020



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In the latest episode of the Zee Marathi show Agga Bai Sasubai, we will see how Shubhra gets a video call from her friends who wish her and Soham their belated anniversary. Shubhra’s friend asks her is everything alright in their marriage? Shubhra replies that she is very happy with Soham and is lucky to be a part of the Kulkarni family. Shubhra bursts into tears after the video call.

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Shubhra and Asawari share a happy moment in the kitchen. Asawari says that it seems impossible to bring Abhijeet back into the house. Shubhra assures her that it is not impossible and she has an idea. Shubhra tells Asawari that she should make food without salt and deliver it to Abhijeet in Abhi’s kitchen cutlery. A hesitant Asawari agrees.

Asawari writes a letter to Abhijeet and Soham questions her about her behaviour. Soham asks her why is she behaving like this and she should understand that Abhijeet is not coming back. Soham tells Asawari that she should accept that she is going to be like how she was before Abhijeet came into her life. Asawari says that she cannot ignore Abhijeet and is not going to leave him stranded and instead of all this he should focus on getting Shubhra’s Mangalsutra back. Shubhra also tells Soham that he has no right to talk about Abhijeet and Asawari. Shubhra then leaves to get food delivered to Abhijeet.

Abhijeet informs Maddy and Vishwas that he wants to change the ambience back to how it was before. He tells them to replace all the changes which were influenced by Asawari. Abhijeet gives the Ganesha idol to Maddy and asks her to immerse it. Vishwas takes the idol from Maddy and tells her that he will hide it in Sir’s cabin.

Shubhra comes there to deliver the tiffin but Abhijeet refuses to take it. Shubhra says she has a busy day and she leaves the tiffins there and asks Maddy to guard them till evening and make sure that Abhijeet does not touch them. Abhijeet distracts Maddy and gets a hold of the tiffins later. He realises that the food is without salt and discovers the letter by Asawari which said that her life is like this saltless food without him.

Maddy comes back with the tiffins to Asawari’s house. Abhijeet sends salt and coal in the tiffins with a letter. He says that he does not want her life to be tasteless and thus sending the salt and for the bad luck of Soham, he is sending coal. Soham thinks that he must do something to distance Abhijeet and Asawari.

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