After Raj Kundra Controversy, Here’s How Shilpa Shetty Is Making For A Strongest Mother; Actress Gives Strong #FamilyGoals

Shilpa Shetty is teaching us how she’s been acclaimed as a strong mother for her children. son Viaan and daughter Samisha


September 15, 2021


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Shilpa Shetty has worked in Bollywood movies for over 15 years and has been a top-notch actress and a fitness and meditation, expert. She is an inspiration for many when it comes to being healthy and fit. She’s known to remain a positive influence in many of her fan’s lives. She was also the winner of Big Brother UK.


For the last few months, Shilpa has been going through immense stress and has faced a lot of flak over her husband Raj Kundra’s arrest over the pornographic movies production scandal. Since then, she has been getting threats and many bizarre comments asking her if she has been a part of the business. Reacting to this, Shilpa has been very private and has almost disappeared to the public eye.


Although all this has reportedly affected her relationship with her husband, she wants to keep her children happy and healthy. She has been positive during these challenging times and making sure her children lead a normal life. She has been seen involving her kids in the recent Ganeshotsav festival where her son, Viaan was seen helping her during the visarjan. The mother, son, and daughter trio looked happy while wearing twinning outfits and posing for the paparazzi.


Last month, she had taken a sabbatical from judging a reality show that she is a part of, following a lot of backlash from trolls on social media who criticized her for being Raj Kundra’s wife and insinuating that she also is a part of the horrendous scandal. It was only recently announced that she would reportedly be back to work soon as she wants to focus on her work and be at peace of mind.


Reportedly, Shilpa Shetty is planning to be independent following her husband’s arrest. She has appeared in many films, and recently, she even marked her comeback with Hungama 2 alongside Paresh Rawal in a pivotal role.

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