Afghanistan Official Thanks the Indian Government for Its Support in Training Afghan Defence Forces

The Afghanistan Envoy-designate to India, Mr. Farid Mamundzay, extended a note of thanks to the Government of India for its contributions and help in the training of Afghanistan’s defence forces recently.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

March 13, 2021

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It is not a rare occurrence for one country to provide help to another, whether it is for its defence forces or for emergency health concerns. Similarly, the Indian government lent its support to that of the nation of Afghanistan for the training of its defence forces. And recently, the officials of the Afghanistan government expressed deep gratitude towards the country for the same.

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There have been many countries that have sought help from and provided it to each other for various things, which have mainly been of national concerns. Similarly, when Afghanistan required help in the aspect of training its troops for the defence forces of the country, India gave it to them. And recently, Afghanistan expressed its thankfulness for the help provided to them. During a celebratory speech on the occasion of Afghan National Defence and Security Forces Day, the Afghanistan Envoy-designate to India, Mr. Farid Mamundzay thanked the Government of India for providing defence and security assistance to their country.

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Calling India the most reliable regional partner of Afghanistan and the largest regional contributor to the country’s developmental aspects, Mr. Farid Mamundzay, extended a note of thanks to the Indian government for the much-needed defence training and security assistance that the latter provided. He added that the Government of India provided crucial support to Afghanistan by helping them with military hardware and vital training opportunities to several of Afghanistan’s military cadets. This training he added was provided to them at some of the finest military training academies present in the nation of India.

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