Adorable! Baby Elephant Cuts Birthday Cake Made Of Jaggery & Sugarcane, Wins Hearts On The Internet

Kerala – A baby elephant by the name Sreekutty recently celebrated her first birthday in a rehabilitation centre.

Amir Khollam

November 11, 2020

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Birthdays are undoubtedly a special occasion for people around the world not just for human beings but also for animals. Over the years, the tradition of celebrating birthdays of pets has grown more and more common and people can often be seen celebrating the birthdays of their furry friends on social media. However, it is not just pets who deserve to be celebrated with all the heart. Even rescued animals need to be treated the same. Such is the case of Sreekutty, a one-year-old baby elephant hailing from Kerala. Check out the adorable video below –

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A birthday celebration was organised for Sreekutty the baby elephant as she turned a year old on November 8, 2020. The residents of the Kappukadu elephant rehabilitation centre in Kerala celebrated baby Sreekutty’s birthday. In order to celebrate Sreekutty’s one-year anniversary, officials of the rehabilitation centre presented the baby elephant with a giant cake made entirely out of sugarcane, pineapples, and jaggery. In the videos which are doing the rounds on the internet, the baby elephant can be seen getting ecstatic over cutting the giant cake and then trying to eat a piece of it.  Along with Sreekutty and other rehabilitation officers, birthday celebrations also saw the presence of many tourists.

Besides this, Rajesh Kumar Sinha, who is the Secretary to the Forest Department in India was also present to celebrate the birthday. Baby Sreekutty was also presented with a shawl by the secretary. The day did not just mark to be one of the important days for the elephant but also for the rescue officers who rescued Sreekutty when she was just under a month old. The elephant was spotted in a fragile condition in the forests of Thenmala, in the Kollam district fo Kerala. The baby elephant was suspected to be separated from her parents and a search to find them was also initiated. However, after not being able to get a hold on the parents is when Sreekutty was given a new home.

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