Adhirindi Episode 18: Jani Master Joins Gully Boyz As Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Dupe

In this week’s episode of the comedy show Adhirindi, popular choreographer Jaani Master is all set to showcase his comic timings alongside the talented Gully Boyz.

Sneha Bale

August 1, 2020


3 min


Previously in Adhirindi, Gully Boyz dressed in a royal avatar and roasted each other. Rowdy Boys walked the path that Chandra had made his niche. While Chandra got drunk to help his friend realise the true worth of friendship, Venu Warriors went musical once again as a family of background score producers. After all this fun, comedy seems to get better than ever before, week after week.

Watch the previous episode here:

Popular dance choreographer, Jani Master joins Gully Boyz as Gabbar Singh, Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s iconic character. The boys crack jokes on funny names and scenarios in which they must have been conceived. Prashanth from Rowdy Boyz turns into an assistant to a saintly man, Yadamma Raju in their skit. The comedy of puns and narratives of relatable situations make their skit worthwhile.

Rowdy Boyz in Adhirindi Episode 18
Rowdy Boyz in Adhirindi Episode 18 (Source: ZEE5)

Chandra lets go of his marital dramedy for a more topical concern. This time around, Chandra starts sanitizing surfaces, his phone and even the people around him for a reason as simple as his inexplicable panic. Once again, Nagaraja becomes a victim to his unruly feelings.

Chandra in Adhirindi Episode 18
Chandra in Adhirindi Episode 18 (Source: ZEE5)

Venu pretends to be a bachelor, aspiring to live a life as good as Navdeep. Well, who wouldn’t want that? As the boys crib about their lives and take an oath to live life king size, Navdeep fails to hold back his laughter.

Venu Warriors in Adhirindi Episode 18
Venu Warriors in Adhirindi Episode 18 (Source: ZEE5)

Lastly, Dhanraj turns into a holy man, with not-so-holy intentions in a grand meeting with his followers. Chithram Sreenu tries to bring the truth out, but it ends up backfiring. Naga Babu and Navdeep’s constant commentary makes the actors end up in laughter.

Dhanraj Blasters in Adhirindi Episode 18 (Source: ZEE5)
Dhanraj Blasters in Adhirindi Episode 18 (Source: ZEE5)

Watch the full episode on August 2, 2020. Watch the previous episodes here and do not forget to check out all the updates here.

You can also get all the live updates on Coronavirus on ZEE5 News Section.

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