Adah Sharma Shows Off Her Kung Fu Skills In Kitchen, Knocks The Bad Guys

Watch Adah Sharma breaking bones by showing off her Kung Fu skills in the kitchen.

Riddhi Adsul

November 9, 2020

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Southern superstar Adah Sharma is also known for her action and horror films in Bollywood. The actor first came into the limelight after her appearance as the ghost spirit in the horror drama 1920. Apart from this, Adah Sharma is also popular for her blockbuster films like Commando 2, Heart Attack, S/O Satyamurthy, Commando3, Kalki and many others. In a recent Instagram video, Adah was spotted showing off her kung fu skills in her kitchen. Take a look at Adah Sharma’s video beating up the bad guys.

Watch Adah Sharma’s kitchen Kung fu

The three-minute-long video starts with Adah Sharma cooking in her kitchen. She sports a floral design saree clubbed with a simple grey blouse. Adah has her hair tied in a messy half-point tail. As the video progresses, her doorbell rings and before she could open the door, Adah finds three men in black entering her house.

Adah Sharma says she doesn’t work for anyone anymore. The leader amongst the three tells the actor that no one can say no to the master, not even his best students. Listening to this one of the men chuckles. The leader tells the man to test Adah by himself and this is when the latter puts up an amazing action show for the associates. Before she can knock off the man on the floor, she calls her maid and asks her to come home late. Adah Sharma and the man have a fight. She kicks him on his face and knocks him on the ground.

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Sharma pulls him by his tie and slaps him with the serving spoon. The person fighting with Adah loses and quietly exits her house. The leader laughs and asks the second guy if he wants to give it a chance. The second associate gives Adah Sharma a tough fight. He tries to choke her but ends up getting hit by a steel container. Adah knocks out the second associate as well. However, the leader plays it wise. When Adah is hitting the second associate the leader takes the advantage and hits her on the head. Adah Sharma falls unconscious.

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