Rajasthan Rockstars’ Captain Gaurav Gera Tells Us About His Break Time Activities On HiPi!

No more boredom during break time. Actor-comedian Gaurav Gera, who is also the captain of Rajasthan Rockstars in HPL, tells you how to stay healthy while watching TV.

Sneha Bale

September 25, 2020


2 min


For years, comedy shows have come and gone just as comedians did. However, some comedians have made a mark! Amongst the best in our country, is Gaurav Gera. Over many years, we have seen him as an actor who can easily blend between characters. Now, he entertains thousands of people through his social media account and plays several roles! This talented actor is now a member of ZEE5’s latest short-video creation platform called HiPi. His talent truly knows no bounds, and after seeing him, you would say the same.

Recently, cricket fans on Hipi were treated with a brand new challenge called the Hipi Premiere League. Many celebrities have been crowned as captains for various teams. And, Gaurav has been given the captaincy of Rajasthan’s cricket team, called the Rajasthan Rockstars. Earlier, he encouraged his fans to join the platform and support his team with Chutki, a character Gaurav plays. Now, he’s back with a new character to tell you how to spend time wisely while enjoying your favourite cricket match on TV.

Watch what Gaurav has to suggest here:

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Gaurav has decided to perform ‘Anulom-Vilom‘ in breaks to make sure he stays healthy as he binge-watches his favourite matches. It helps him kill boredom during breaks and also keep him healthy. What will you do while supporting your favourite team?

Have you joined Gaurav’s Rajasthan Rockstars yet? Share your video on HiPi and be the next HiPi Star! Click here to get started. Don’t forget to get your dose of unlimited laughter with Comedy Shots on ZEE5.

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