Activists Demand Ban On Animal-Like Treatment of PoK Minorities By Pakistan

Activist Sajjad Raja called for the UN to intervene and stop the torture meted out by Pakistan against Azad Kashmir population and minority communities of its county

Raghav N

September 28, 2020

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Pakistan occupied Kashmir (Pok) activist Mohammad Sajjad Raja made a strong appeal to the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHCR) to stop Pakistan from treating its own people like animals. During his speech at the 45th Session of the UNHCR on 25 September, Raja said that the country is violating basic human rights and committing severe atrocities on its minority communities.

He added that the government has taken away the freedom of its PoK citizens and suppressed their voices. He revealed that more than 100 human rights activists are languishing in jail. In the Gilgit-Baltistan region, for every 25 prisoners, 1 soldier has been deployed by the authorities.

Pakistani activist Amjad Mirza demanded the trial of the nation for war crimes and for its army to withdraw themselves from minority lands. Asking for the UN to declare the China-Pakistan Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) illegal, a plea to stop all construction there was also made.

Mirza exposed the Imran Khan government, saying that they brainwash the innocent youth in Jammu and Kashmir and prepare them for war against India. He also alleged that many terror camps are functioning in the Azad Kashmir region.

Indian diplomat Vimarsh Aryan echoed the same sentiment as the Pakistani speakers, requesting the international body to step in and stop the violence on minorities.

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