Action, Romance, Drama And More: What To Expect From ZEE5 Original Film Meka Suri

Abhinay and Sumaya Syed starrer Meka Suri, the latest ZEE5 Telugu Original film, releases on July 31. Here’s what we are expecting from the action-thriller.

Sneha Bale

July 28, 2020


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One good about the otherwise difficult 2020 has been the impeccable quality of content. Regional markets have made a great impact over national audiences with its creativity and captivity. After Loser, Raahu, and 47 Days, ZEE5 is back with some more gritty content. This time, it is yet another feature film titled Meka Suri. The film is directed by Trinadh Velisala and stars theatre actors, Abhinay and Sumaya Syed. As we wait for its release, here’s what we’re hoping to see.

Watch the trailer of Meka Suri here:

Abhinay with other men in Meka Suri Trailer
Abhinay in conversation with other characters in Meka Suri Trailer (Source: ZEE5)

Going by the trailer of this film, we are expecting a handful of scares and unexpected surprises. The screenplay, which mainly remains dark, seems to use its subjects and light rather interestingly.

Sumaya in Meka Suri Trailer
Sumaya in a deep thought in Meka Suri Trailer (Source: ZEE5)

The leading lady of the film, Raani happens to be an object of pleasure for men around her. The trailer gives us a glimpse of the male gaze in the film. We’re excited to see how the director explores this often-sidelined conversation.

Abhinay in Meka Suri Trailer
Abhinay in a grim scene in Meka Suri Trailer (Source: ZEE5)

Some stills in the trailer are absolutely gruesome. From the shock values and the scary appearances featured in the trailer, the film seems to be all set to make us bite our nails. In the still above, the titular character seems to be in an element that we understand as beastly, and not humane.

A Still From Meka Suri Trailer
A Still From Meka Suri Trailer (Source: ZEE5)

Finally, the film is touted to be an action-thriller. So, yes, we are expecting a lot of action. We’re ready to see something other than flying cars, breaking bones and high kicks.

Are you excited to watch the film? Stay tuned to this space and know more about your favourite films and stars. Watch Meka Suri exclusively on ZEE5, starting July 31. Don’t forget to check out 47 Days, in the meantime.

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