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Ace Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee Gets Massively Trolled For His Mangalsutra Campaign; Internet Asks If It’s A Lingerie Campaign


October 28, 2021

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Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee who’s well known for designing the finest pieces of clothing gets heavily trolled by the internet for his mangalsutra campaign

Ace designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a well-known name for one of the best designs when it comes to designing pieces that are filled with grace and beauty in every knot. The designer recently launched his new collection is titled ‘Intimate Fine Jewellery’.

The official Instagram page of Sabyasachi released a series of pictures featuring models flaunting the brand’s newly launched mangalsutras.

The promotional advertisement features heterosexual and same-sex couples posing for pictures wearing The Royal Bengal Mangalsutra, which is a part of the designer’s intimate jewellery collection. These photos also feature models dressed in intimate apparel wearing a mangalsutra.

Now, the ad campaign has not gone down well with a section of the internet that have deemed the advertisement as ‘obscene’. Several users took to social media to address their dissatisfaction and claimed that the advertisement is an attack on Hindu culture and hurts religious sentiments.

Some users also called out the designer for demeaning something as scared a the mangalsutra, which is a piece of jewellery worn by Indian women around their necks after their wedding. “Really sabyasachi?? What’s wrong with u these days, Who sell Mangalsutra like this. If u have guts sell burkha, tabij in this manners?? Stop Hindu discremation #Sabyasachi,” a user tweeted.

Another one said this should be a shameful act being utterly disgusted

A user posted her picture wearing a mangalsutra and tried educating the ace designer showing how a mangalsutra looks like. It’s not a random piece of fashion jewellery, it indicates the love and commitment the husband and wife have towards each other

No other way to show ‘Mangalsutra’ ?
What are u actually selling #Sabyasachi ?
Matlab kuch bhi!!!!

No! This is no lingerie or C0nd0m Ad.

This is Sabyasachi Mangalsutra Ad.

Ultra Woke #Sabyasachi are so creatively bankrupt that they have to use semi naked models for a Mangalsutra ad. This is what another user said.

Sabyasachi also got alot of flack from the netizens for showing off alot of cleavage in his bridal shoots previously.

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Sabyasachi’s representation of bridal fashion has had a love/hate relationship with netizens for a while now. Back in March, the brand was called out for putting a plus-size bride on his page for a women’s day special post. The move was seen as pandering to a body positivity image, used just for that day.

In fact, PeeCee wore a Sabya blouse with a plunging neckline and we literally swooned. So, it’s just the Insta images that have people all riled up.


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