Abhay Episode 5 And 6 Review: Kunal Kemmu’s Past Crossfires In A Paranoid Present

Episode 5 Crossfire and episode 6 Burn explains his paranoid present, owing to the death of his wife Divya, an obsessed lover Natasha, Babu and Govind

Aayushi Sharma

April 16, 2019


6 min


Kunal Kemmu in and as Abhay has successfully kept viewers hooked, booked and intrigued. The ZEE5 original stars Kunal as Special Task Force officer Abhay Pratap Singh, based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Inspired by true events, the crime thriller features Abhay as a sharp investigating officer with the mind of a criminal, who can go to any extent to solve a case. However, as he sets out to eliminate criminals from the dark gruesome, skeletons from his own closet gear up to haunt him!

Episode 5 Crossfire of Abhay begins with a boy peeing on a street of Kolkata, five years back from current time. The teenager is shown crying and murmuring in a corner while murmuring something about his father, mother, and brother. The scene ends with the boy killing a passerby heinously who scolds him for peeing in the open. The flashback then shifts to Kunal, as we see Abhay arriving in Kolkata for a case. He is assigned to supervise a case being handled by officer Natasha Hashmi (Elnaaz Norouzi), the woman he has been trying to protect his son Saahil from in the episodes so far.

The first five minutes establish the fact that the episode is a visit down the memory lane of Abhay’s past and one can expect only as many ghosts to encounter along the way! As the narrative moves forward, Natasha and Abhay join hands to track down a villain Babu Bhaiya, played by popular Bollywood actor Mukesh Rishi. Mukesh enjoys a reputation for sending shivers down the spine with his baddie act. He revisits his finesse for Abhay too!

Mukesh Rishi in Abhay episode 5
Mukesh Rishi in Abhay episode 5. (Source: ZEE5)

In the process to save Natasha’s life, Abhay ends up giving away information about her tipper. Of course, you can see sparks fly between Abhay and Natasha in this scene! A furious exchange between Natasha and Abhay ends up with some steamy sex, call it a much-needed break from the bloodshed maybe.

Elnaaz Norouzi and Kunal Kemmu in a scene from Abhay
Elnaaz Norouzi and Kunal Kemmu in a scene from Abhay. (Source: ZEE5)

However, the dreaded gangster Babu kills Govind’s family who now seeks revenge upon whoever outed him. Meanwhile, Sujay, the psychotic teenager murders his family. He flees Kolkata after the police start suspecting him and comes to Lucknow. Abhay happens to meet him on his way back. These glimpses of Abhay’s past explain his current paranoia; a disgruntled teenager goes on a killing spree. Will Abhay get caught in the crossfire between the Babu, Sujay, Natasha, and his ethics? Read further to find out!

Natasha follows Abhay to Lucknow, as seen in episode 6 Burn. Although it still remains unclear as to what their chemistry back in Academy days was, we can’t help but wonder what went wrong? Natasha wants more from Abhay, craving his companionship. Bound by familial and marital duties, Abhay refrains and shifts his focus to a series of killings in his city. The distance seems to drive Natasha mad who threatens Abhay to kill his wife and son in order to get him.

Abhay’s twisted relationship with Natasha hinders his investigation of the psychopath killer. The mind games of Natasha and the cigarette-burn killer takes Abhay’s attention away from his family. The episode ends with Abhay nabbing the murderer and even identifies him from his train journey. But he pays a price bigger than he thought – his wife Divya gets shot.

A still from Abhay episode 6 Burn
A still from Abhay episode 6 Burn. (Source: ZEE5)

Now the mystery hangs by a thin thread – who killed Divya? Natasha or Govind?

Kunal Kemmu simply stuns. Wowing us all, one scene at a time, Abhay is perhaps an eye-opener for anyone who doubted his skill set. The Kalank actor uses an array of emotions at disposal, with anger overpowering them often. Elnaaz as Natasha is a surprise packet in episode 5 and 6. She shifts gears from being a hot-headed officer to an obsessed lover with great ease. Mukesh revisits his previous villainous stint and makes us love to hate him as Babu Bhaiyya! Namit Das has offered some crazy glimpses in episode 4 as Govind, but it is all explained herein why he does what he does!

Tune in to ZEE5 now and watch Abhay episode 5 Crossfire and episode 6 Burn to know how Abhay battles his past and present.

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