Abhay 2 Episodes 4-5 Review: The Plot Thickens As Abhay’s Mental Strenght Is Tested

Indraneil Sengupta and Asheema Vardaan deliver haunting performances as serial killers in the new episodes of Abhay season 2.

Kenneth Carneiro

September 4, 2020


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The first three episodes of Abhay 2 released on 14 August 2020. The episodes saw Chunky Pandey playing the role of a killer who ate the brains of his victims and Bidita Bag played the role of a prostitute who kills her clients. Kunal Kemmu, as STF inspector Abhay patiently follows the evidences and follows the breadcrumbs to catch these criminals hiding in plain sight. But the story is completely flipped when a kidnapper (Ram Kapoor) abducts a bus full of school kids and hands himself over to Abhay, all because he wants to play a dangerous game.

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In the new episodes, the kidnapper reveals part of his gameplan. He gives Abhay a hint and asks him to solve the cases in a set time. If Abhay succeeds in each task he will release one or two of the kids. Abhay decides to play along because they don’t have any clue about the bus full of missing children. The cases lead him to two truly heinous criminals that went unnoticed for years.

Indraneil Sengupta, seen in the fourth episode, plays a serial killer who likes to cross dress. He has a troubling relationship with his mother, but he also shares an unhealthy obsession with blood. He like to drink and bath in the blood of his victims. Asheema Vardaan plays a character with multiple personality disorder. She adopts a new name and personality and marries multiple men who all suspiciously end up dead.

In the new episodes, the mystery around Ram Kapoor’s character of ‘Mastermind’ only deepens. We still don’t know anything about him, but he seems to know Abhay better than anyone. At the end of the fifth episode, junior officer Khushbu (Nidhi Singh) asks Abhay if the mastermind is trying to change him from a cop to a killer too.

We cannot wait to see what mind games are in store for the next episodes. Watch out for the final episodes, releasing on 29 Sepetember 2020. The teaser at the end of episode 5 reveals the much awaited first glimpse of Raghav Juyal as a serial killer.

Don’t forget to add the new season of Abhay and recently released romantic series Bebakee to your weekend watchlist.

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