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Aaryavardhan Of Jothe Jotheyali Is A Role Model To Vedanth Of Gattimela, Here’s Why


August 23, 2020

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Arya serves as a role model to Vedanth in more than one way. Details inside.

In the recent Mahansangama of Jothe Jotheyali and Gattimela, we saw Amulya and Adithi are having a conversation about how Vedanth has not picked up the call ever since he has gone out for some work. Adithi tells her that if she is in love with him, she must feel free enough to communicate with him. Vedanth, on the other hand, has gone to meet Arya and realises that he is the right person to work with.

Having said that, here’s why Arya is an ideal role model for a budding businessman like Vedanth. As we all know Vedanth is young and experimenting with his business. However, he has also managed to achieve a lot in very less time without any help. Arya, on the other hand, has had several years of experience and has taken his business to another level and has met several people who would have taught him various things. We must also consider that experience is the best teacher and Arya has had so much of it.

If Arya and Vedanth work together, Arya will be able to guide Vedanth with his thoughts and other business ideas. Even collaborating with each other will not only help him understand how two businesses can come together to produce a new business idea but even Arya will be exposed to the ideas of a younger generation. While they can always learn from each other, Vedanth also says that there is a lot to learn from Arya especially because Arya can teach him how to operate a team and work with different minds which is something Vedanth has not been open to in the past.

Vedanth comes to Arya’s office

Moreover, Vedanth would like to focus on expanding his business as part of his corporate social responsibility program which is something that Arya has been doing for many years now. They also discuss what they have been working on recently and how to go about the same. Arya has told him that he will give him a lot of material to read so that he gets a background of how things used to work and how they have evolved before they can get together. This way, Vedanth can build his knowledge about the past, too.

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