Aamir Khan’s Brother Faisal Khan Opens Up About His Conversation With His Brother Post-Mela’s Release; Read On

Faisal Khan recently made a shocking revelation about Aamir Khan and confided in the media that his brother thought he didn’t have a knack for acting.


September 6, 2021


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In an exclusive interview with Cineriser upon his sci-fi book release, Aamir Khan’s brother Faisal Khan said that after the release of their film Mela in 2000, which also starred Twinkle Khanna in the lead, told his brother that he wasn’t a good actor and that he should rather find something else for him and focus on that. Ahead of his release of Film Factory, Faisal told Ronak Kotecha on his YouTube channel that Aamir had criticized his acting and told him that he’s not a good actor as his film Mela had flopped.

Faisal said, “He said I’m wasting my time. I’m not good enough for the industry. How can a brother say that? Is this what family is all about? I’d rather be alone then. Mela had to flop. Maybe it was destined to happen this way, how does that make me a bad actor? Someone should ask Aamir that. I have lost all hopes.”

He continued, “My book is very close to my heart. I spent two years on it and I’m thankful to God that he made me realize my potential and strengths. Why should I ask him for support? Just because he is a star and can get me pity roles. I’m not made like that. For that matter, nobody should step down to that dishonor.”

Khan was also asked about his equation with Aamir now, after so many years down the memory lane, to which he had a quite inspiring answer. “We are doing fine now. I mean, what can you possibly do when the creator only wants things to happen this way. I’m a god-fearing man and I believe, whatever happens, happens for the good. We still love each other very much and try to be there for one another as much as we can. He is my brother and my family is always above everything. Life is too small to keep grudges with your people.”

Faisal did work for Aamir Khan’s production house as a scriptwriter a few years back. He also co-produced some of Khan’s best films.

For the unversed, Mela is an action/drama film directed by Dharmesh Darshan starring Aamir Khan, Faisal Khan, Twinkle Khanna & Johnny Lever which was released in 2000. Though it was not much of a success at the box office, viewers loved the pair of Aamir and Twinkle. Mela also has Aishwarya Rai in a cameo.

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