Aamir Khan’s Bodyguard’s Salary Will Make You Leave Your Corporate Job And Join A Security Agency; Here’s Why?

Aamir Khan’s personal bodyguard Yuvraj Ghorpade dropped out of school at the age of 16. He was doing odd jobs till he joined a security agency in 2002. He is currently Aamir Khan’s bodyguard, and his salary might just shock you!



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A Bollywood star has millions of fans in this country of 1.4 billion. Stars are loved by their fans, and it becomes difficult for any famous celebrity to roam around freely. Therefore, their entourage is incomplete without personal bodyguards, who silently protect the celebrities from fanatic fans and the celebrity-obsessed media. Tasked with the duty of keeping over-eager fans at arm’s length, being a personal bodyguard to a star is no cakewalk. However, it seems like some are simply destined for the job, such as Aamir Khan’s personal bodyguard Yuvraj Ghorpade.

Yuvraj Ghorpade is always seen by Aamir Khan’s side like a shadow, and he protects Aamir. From public events to film sets, Yuvraj is spotted with Aamir everywhere.

Yuvraj Ghorpade, who wanted to pursue bodybuilding, ended up being Aamir Khan’s personal security after things didn’t work out for him as he wished. A school dropout, Yuvraj Ghorpade’s life took a turn when he joined Ace Security agency and eventually landed Aamir Khan’s security job.

Yuvraj Ghorpade had reportedly said that while doing odd jobs, he had no security, and his future looked grim but joining Ace Security has given him the life he dreamed of nine years ago.

Today, as he is the bodyguard for the actor-producer-director Aamir Khan, many of his friends are envious of the fact that he is around such a big celebrity all the time, he added.

Allegedly, he takes home around a whopping two crore rupees annually.

On 3 July 2021, Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao released the information about their divorce together through social media. He said that the ongoing tension and mutual differences in the house are the main reasons for divorce. Soon both the husband and wife will file an application for their divorce in court.

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