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Aafat-E-Ishq’s Neha Sharma Opens Up About Her Idea Of A Perfect Date While Busting Some Rumours About Herself In This Exclusive Interview

Vatsal Thakore

January 29, 2021

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Neha Sharma opens up on lesser-known facts about her and sharing her experience while working in Aafat-e-Ishq.

Neha Sharma, the beautiful and talented actress, is all set to appear in a new ZEE5 original film, Aafat-e-Ishq. She has wooed our hearts with her acting and her looks. To know more about this lovely actress, we asked her some lesser-known questions about her. Take a look at what she shared!

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Are you a morning person or a night person?

Neha Sharma shared that she is a morning person. She said that she loves waking up to a new day and planning it. She also likes to look forward to her coffee, or as the actress recently is preferring, her green tea.

Your morning song?

She said that she likes to listen to some slow and romantic jazz music.

Gym or yoga?

The actress said that she prefers the gym. She said that she loves lifting weights. She also likes meditation and yoga but prefers the gym more.

Last thing you bought under Rs 100?

She said that she had recently bought vegetables under Rs 100.

Your favourite vegetables?

Neha said that she likes all vegetables but the ones she loves the most are peas, karela, touri, tomatoes, and mushrooms.

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Best dish you cook?

She said that people really love her carrot cake. She also likes making Thai curries, minced chicken with basil, and aaloo ka paratha.

If not an actor, what would you be?

“I would love to be a chef. I would love to have a restaurant someday and feed people the food that I cook. That is a career alternative I’m thinking of if I get tired of working on film sets. I will have a nice restaurant by the riverside,” said Neha Sharma.

One thing that makes you angry?

She shared that it is unprofessionalism that makes her angry, especially in the film line. She said that she also gets angry when she does not get food.

One thing that makes you happy?

Neha said that spending time with her family, her work, and food are the things that make her the happiest.

Have you ever used your star status to get away?

The actress denied, saying that she does not call herself a star and that even if she did, she would never use it to get away.

What was the last lie that you said?

Neha said that when she is at a dinner party where she does not like the food, and if asked if she liked it, she always says yes. She said that she says this because people have put their effort into preparing that food so she would always make them feel good about it.

What is your cheat meal?

She said that her cheat meal is usually pancakes, desserts and aaloo paratha.

Your idea of a perfect date?

Neha said that her perfect date would be watching the sunset together, with some cheese, wine, laughter, conversations, and jazz music

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The best comment that you have received on social media?

The actress said that her fans are really kind and that they always have lovely things to say. She says that that is how people should be on social media, being nice to everyone.

Your favourite holiday destination?

She said that her favourite holiday destination is Chicago because her family lives there and she also likes Florida.

In a relationship, you will never _?

‘Cheat’, said Neha Sharma.

Life in one word?

“Fun,” she said,

Favourite quote?

She said that nowadays, it is ‘live and let live.’

One celeb you would want to get stuck with on an island?

She said that she would prefer to get stuck with her sister, Aisha Sharma. She also shared that her sister is her favourite person to be around and her favourite roommate.

Your favourite superhero?

Iron man and wonder woman

The strangest rumour that you heard about yourself?

She said that a few years back she had heard the rumour that she had run away with someone and gotten married to them.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Neha said that the three words would be fun, happy, and enigmatic.

One secret about you that people don’t know?

The actress said that she is a very different person from what the people see on social media.

Text or talk?

The actress said that she prefers talking and would like it if people would talk on calls and meet.

Love or money?

“Love. If money comes in second, I don’t mind. But love comes first,” said Neha.

Beach or mountains?

“Cities. Mountains are too cold and beaches are too hot,” she said.

Beer or wine?

Neha said that she prefers wine.

Food or sex?

“Both,” she said.

Makeup or no makeup?

She said that she prefers makeup which looks like no makeup, that does the most basic thing like just hiding dark circles.

One co-star from Aafat-e-Ishq you want to work with again?

Neha said that she loved all her co-stars from the film and couldn’t pick one.

Favourite memory from the set of Aafat-e-Ishq?

“The whole film is very memorable. Ours is one of the first films shot during COVID and completed safely, so it was already a huge step,” said Neha. She also said, “I feel it’s a special film because of the script. I fell in love with the script as soon as I read it and wanted to be a part of it. It is a really unique script and I loved being a part of it.”

Your first reaction on reading the script of Aafat-e-Ishq?

She said that she was wowed by the script.

Favourite scenes from Aafat-e-Ishq?

She said that she loves the scene where Lallo is taking care of Ila Arun’s character and she keeps addressing Lallo with cute nicknames. She said that it felt really special.

Like Lallo from Aafat-e-Ishq, what is it that you wish for?

“Happiness. That’s the only way to enjoy everything,” the actress said.

The film says ‘Ishq will kill’. Will you kill anyone for love?

She said, “Yeah! I want to find love. For me, love is super important. So maybe that’s why I could relate and connect to Lallo so well.”

Give us 3 reasons to watch Aafat-e-Ishq

“ The unique story, the cast and crew and their efforts, and the fact that it’s about love. It’s got a lot of entertainment and an edge of the seat mystery,” Neha Sharma said.

Until you wait for Aafat-e-Ishq to release, watch some more films and series from ZEE5.

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