A Woman Falls Off A Running Train; CRPF Jawan Saves Her Life

A woman fell off a moving train in Ghatkopar and injured herself. A CRPF jawan pulled her back and saved her life. See video.

Isha Khatu

October 30, 2020

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As the COVID-19 pandemic has been eased by the Indian government, in Mumbai, the local trains have begun to run. Women are now allowed to use railway services for travelling. A woman recently fell off a running train on the platform. A CRPF Jawan along with another passenger saved her life. Take a look at the nerve-wracking video here:

As the local trains are back on track in Mumbai, the risk of train accidents has increased again. People often try to jump into trains that have already started running and risk their lives. One such incident took place on Ghatkopar station on October 28. A CRPF Jawan saved a woman from falling below a train. The train had already started running when the woman decided to climb in. Instead, she hit herself on the train and fell on the platform. He legs were almost going to get pulled in by the speed of the train when a CRPF Jawan took immediate action.

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He pulled the woman along with another man towards the platform and saved her life after which other people on the platform ran to help her. The woman had injured herself by getting hit by the moving train. Medical assistance was immediately called for her as she hit injured her head. The footage of this incident went viral on the internet. People spread viral news through their WhatsApp in Mumbai.

Railway accidents are a major concern for Indian Railways and Western Railways. Every year, more than 2,500 die in such accidents. The Mumbai locals especially during rush hours witnesses loads of people hanging on the doors. Some even try to climb into the train when its speed hasn’t yet slowed down just to catch a seat in the train during peak hours.

Although the Railways have taken efforts in spreading awareness by making announcements and putting up posters, the passengers often ignore them and take risks. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 80 lakh people used the Mumbai locals across six lines that cover 390-odd km and 157 stations in the Mumbai metropolitan region.

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