A Ten-Feet Long Python Terrorises A College In Uttar Pradesh

A ten-foot-long python terrorised a Sanskrit Intermediate college in Gughali, Uttar Pradesh and was caught by the rescue team after struggling for hours.

Vaishnavi Navalkar

December 4, 2020

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A ten-foot python was spotted at Anglo Sanskrit Intermediate College in Ghughli area in Maharajganj, UP. The forest department’s rescue team arrived at the information and caught the reptile after hours of hard work. According to the locals, the python had been roaming around the area since 3-4 days. Some also mistook the python to be an alligator.

The rescue team set a trap for the python by laying a gunny bag. The snake went in after struggling for hours, they tied the bag with a strong thread and set it free in the jungle. The forest department team released the python in the Pakri Range of Sohgibarwa Wildlife Division. The python had caused quite a scare among locals. When the forest department’s rescue team captured it, the people breathed a sigh of relief. Locals and children around the area gathered to witness the rescue operation.

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Several pythons and snake bites have been reported in Uttar Pradesh in the last few years. They generally leave the jungles during the monsoon season. Pythons have the unique quality of remaining camouflaged and attack the prey when it comes near. Pythons attack goats and small pets by swallowing them. Earlier, the rescue operation team has rescued many reptiles. They are not only found in rural areas, there have also been cases of reptiles entering homes in cities. The rescue operation team advises people not to panic and contact the nearest rescue operation team.

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