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A Table For Two Season 2 Episode 4: Ravi Dubey And Abhishek Banerjee Talk About ‘Casting Couch’ And Their Showbiz Journey

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April 19, 2021

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Gracing the show, actors Abhishek Banerjee and Ravi Dubey shared some interesting stories from their journey in the showbiz world. Read on for more.

Fans always love to witness the real and candid side of their beloved stars. While they are obsessed with the actors’ on-screen performances, they are always eager to know about their personal lives. And ZEE5’s talk show ‘A Table For Two’ has gotten it well covered for you. Hosted by actor Ira Dubey, the second season of the show is receiving a great response from the masses. Recently, actors Abhishek Banerjee and Ravi Dubey graced the show with their presence. While the actors shared some interesting stories, they also got indulged in fun games and conversations and discussed their casting couch experiences.

During the show’s Q&A segment, Ira quizzed Ravi and Abhishek about the beginning of their showbiz journey. And that’s when the Jamai Raja star shared an interesting story of his debut TV show ‘Stree Teri Kahani’. Ravi opened up on how blessed he felt that he began his career with a TV show that was produced by none other than the legendary actor Dilip Kumar. He also added how the makers had to shoot for the show at Kumar Sahab’s house and that turned out to be a great experience for him.

“More than the show, it is the producer of the show I would like to talk about. It was the legendary Dilip Kumar who was producing the show. Also, there was a time when we faced some problems with the locations and had to shoot the rest of the show at Dilip Sahab’s house. So we were shooting in his house,” Ravi shared.

He added, “Just to think about it, the couch on which I’m sitting and delivering my lines, many legends would’ve sat with Dilip Sahab and narrated the stories. And many such iconic stories that gave me a vibe of this room. Every day I used to go there, I would feel enamoured and I used to be thanking my stars that I’m a part of this industry.”

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On the other hand, actor Abhishek Banerjee shared his journey of being a casting director and now enjoying the stardom of an actor. The actor revealed how ‘Stree’ became a big breakthrough in his acting career.

He said, “Amar Kaushik (director of Stree) knew me from the times of ‘No One Killed Jessica’. He was the associate director and I was the associate casting director for the film. He called me and asked me to audition for the role of Jana and I wanted to audition for Bittu (played by Aparshakti Khurrana). I wanted to play a macho role”. However, the actor ended up auditioning for both roles and got selected as Jana. And that’s where Banerjee’s journey of acting began.

Also, Abhishek had another interesting story to share when he talked about his most hailed character Hathoda Tyagi. Abhishek was casting for the web show and was also interested to play the role of Ansari. However, writer Sudip Sharma insisted Abhishek take up the devious character of Hathoda Tyagi.

Later on, Ira introduced some fun games for Abhishek and Ravi. Both the stars nailed it with their witty takes and great comebacks. In one such instance, they got indulged in a deep talk about the ‘casting couch’ in the industry. Ravi shared how he came across one such person but called it off quite calmly. He jokingly added, “I believe in Buddhism so it took over my Delhite side.”

Talking about the same, Abhishek shared how he and his casting company has followed a basic rule to stay away from the wrong side of the industry. Abhishek said, “There’s one rule in casting, you don’t meet actors outside of the work meet. And that’s the one rule I want the whole industry to follow.” Ira and Ravi also appreciated the rule as they agreed upon it.

Furthermore, the actors got indulged in a fun-filled rapid-fire round and played some more interesting games. To be precise, Abhishek and Ravi made for an entertaining duo of guests on the show. They were candid and that’s what made this episode an interesting watch.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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