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A Table For Two S2 Ep10: Maniesh Paul And Iqbal Khan Reveal How A ‘Dirty’ Punjabi Song Made Them BFFs

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June 1, 2021

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Personalities as different as chalk and cheese, Maniesh Paul and Iqbal Khan dive into details of their friendship, family life, showbiz success and more, in the show’s 10th episode.

On their best behaviour, close buddies Maniesh Paul and Iqbal Khan appeared in the 10th episode of A Table For Two. Complete opposites yet long time buddies, the duo engaged in a very interesting conversation with the host of the talk show, Ira Dubey, about all things personal and professional. From their individual ‘I’ve made it’ moments in life to how they became friends to their rise to stardom, Maniesh and Iqbal spilt the beans about many aspects of their life. Keep reading to find out some lesser-known yet intriguing things that they revealed in the episode!

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The host of A Table For Two, Ira, welcomed the two stars of the Indian entertainment worlds with gracious introductions. When asked about his first impression of Maniesh, Iqbal briefly stated that he was rather disappointed to know that the comedian would be his co-actor on, Chhoona Hai Aasmaan. On the other hand, Maniesh elaborated on how they broke their ice. To him, Iqbal came off as a very reserved man initially. However, one time, when Maniesh was humming a very ‘dirty’ Punjabi song on the set of the show, Iqbal ended up singing along with him. Hearing Iqbal singing the next line of the song took Maniesh by absolute surprise, from where the duo instantly kicked it off with each other!

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A model during his college days, Iqbal Khan eventually took the usual route of pursuing an acting career in Mumbai. After doing two films, the actor had declined an opportunity to enter the world of TV. However, upon realising that he had no rent funds left, he decided to give it a shot. Only much later, did he realise how big of a deal the show Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai and his rockstar character ‘Angad’ had become!

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Ira’s question regarding the most fulfilling thing for them in life, resulted in Iqbal stating how he does not associate the feeling with his work. Although he respects it a lot, Iqbal finds his daughter to be the most fulfilling reality of his life. She makes him want to do good things, he added. On the contrary, comedian-actor Maniesh had a different outlook. He explained how his mother once came to the conclusion that even Amitabh Bachchan looks up to Maniesh after she met BIG B. His mother’s confidence in him and validation made for a moment of realisation that he had made it big.

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Maniesh and Iqbal also indulged in a few fun games, during which they thoroughly entertained us all. Their mischievous humour and impeccable acting skills were the most incredible things to witness! Maniesh’s love for Madhuri Dixit also came to light amidst all the fun they were having. The rapid-fire rounds were no less exciting either!

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Revealing their takes on work-life balance, Iqbal and Maniesh appeared to be on the same page. Both agreed that they are blessed with super-supportive partners, which is essentially very helpful. Maniesh also emphasised the importance of having equal respect for both worlds, personal and professional. Iqbal also stated how he is all about family time. In fact, along with these two buddies, their wives turn out to be best friends too! So it is safe to say, the bonding runs deep between all of them.

Thus, it is without a doubt that we can also say that the tenth episode of A Table For Two with Maniesh Paul and Iqbal Khan was filled with entertainment and inspiring revelations.

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