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A Table For Two S2 Ep 8: Sumeet Vyas Calls Kartik Aaryan ‘Overrated’, Amrita Puri Shares Her Crush For Aditya Roy Kapur

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May 18, 2021

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From their showbiz journey to some interesting revelations, actors Sumeet Vyas and Amrita Puri get real and candid in this fun-filled conversation. Read on for more.

Candid conversations, confessional couch, and unheard stories make up for some interesting talk shows. Especially when all the spotlight is on our favourite celebrities. Fans just love to get more insight into the personal and professional lives of their beloved stars. Being on similar lines, ZEE5’s celebrity talk show ‘A Table For Two’ Season 2 has become the best pick for the audience. Recently, Sumeet Vyas and Amrita Puri graced the show with their charming presence. From their showbiz journey to interesting revelations, the actors got real and candid in this fun-filled conversation.

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While Ira welcomed the stars with a well-deserved introduction, both Sumeet and Amrita were excited to be on the show. In the Q&A session, Ira asked Sumeet about his journey from Rajasthan to the tinsel town whilst quizzing about the time when the “acting keeda” struck him. Interestingly, the actor shared that his father worked at the NSD (National School Of Drama) and was a writer in many TV projects.

“My father had quit theatre due to financial issues. We used to live in Bhayander, which means a complete cut-off from the world that I reside in now. At the age of 17, I was a college dropout working at an editing studio. So, I was nowhere related to acting background. It was when I watched one of my father’s plays that I was drawn to this world. Like something clicked!,” Sumeet shared, recalling his journey in the showbiz world.

Further, Ira questioned Amrita about her father’s reaction when she opened up to him about pursuing a career in acting. Amrita shared how her father promptly answered, “No!”. The actor went on to reveal how her father persuaded her into few other career options, however, she made a firm decision and finally confronted him. The actor was quoted saying, “I just got really fried and said, ‘I don’t think I want to do any of these things’. Listen, I don’t want to be eighty and look back at things wondering if I had taken the right decision”

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Continuing the story, Amrita laughingly added, “I would have to take rebirth if you don’t let me do this.” The actor shared that her father finally agreed. Amrita also revealed that she had worked as a copywriter before getting into the show business.

Moving ahead, Ira quizzed Sumeet and Amrita about the high-point of their career. Sumeet answered, “Definitely Permanent Roommates.” He also went on to share an interesting story. “The makers told me that we’ll wrap the complete shoot of Permanent Roommates in eight days however, it took us a week to shoot the first episode itself. In the beginning, I did not realize the show’s popularity however, suddenly people started noticing me and I knew I had arrived.”

Answering the same, Amrita shared that her debut film Aisha is something she loves to revisit. Also, talking about her experience, the actor shared that she was very excited about watching herself for the first time on the big screens. “People were laughing in theatres and I felt they were liking me. I was overwhelmed,” Amrita added.

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Furthermore, Amrita and Sumeet got indulged in many fun games whilst sharing their personal opinions. Also, in the rapid-fire segment, the actors made some interesting revelations that were the major highlight of the episode. When Sumeet was asked to name an “overrated actor’ according to him, he answered, “Kartik Aaryan”.

Ahead in the rapid-fire segment, Ira quizzed Sumeet about the one thing he would gift his son Ved. The actor quite lovingly answered, “To be in the good mood always.” On the other hand, when Amrita was asked to name a celebrity who she would want to be followed by, the actor answered, “Aditya Roy Kapur. He’s hot!”

Both Sumeet and Amrita also shared their experience of being a part of the web world. While Sumeet has already been the master in the digital arena, Amrita talked about working in ‘Made In Heaven’ and ZEE5’s Jeet Ki Zid. Amrita said, “Though it was a cameo in Made In Heaven, I loved playing the devilish character.” Talking about Jeet Ki Zid, she added, “It was a bit challenging as Jeet Ki Zid is based on a true story. Overall, the experience of playing Jaya was very inspiring for me.”

So, another episode of A Table For Two that is filled with some candid yet real revelations and unheard stories. Watch the full episode here.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.


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