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A Table For Two S2 Ep 7: Rohit Roy Reveals His Worst Performances, Suchitra Pillai Discusses Her Debut French Movie

Vatsal Thakore

May 10, 2021

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Rohit Roy and Suchitra Pillai, in A Table For Two S2 Episode 7, talk about their big breaks in the industry, their best performances, and much more.

Episode 7 of Ira Dubey’s talk show, A Table For Two Season 2, premiered on 8th May and featured two enigmatic actors – Rohit Roy and Suchitra Pillai. Both of them have been prominent performers in both the Hindi film and television industries, and have received a lot of love and acclaim. The duo shared a lot of fun and interesting things about their life, career, and their first breaks, in the episode.


Right from the beginning of the episode, we get to see how good friends the three actors present on the screen are. Even while introducing the two guests, host Ira Dubey mentioned how close she is with the two of them. She then asked Rohit Roy about his first big break, which was the television show Swabhimaan. It was written by Shobha De and directed by Mahesh Bhatt. He shared he was rejected four times before Mahesh Bhatt finally noticed him and got him on board the show. When he said that he was rejected four times, Suchitra Pillai had an instant reaction, as she said, “Were they blind?!”

Next, Suchitra Pillai talked about her first break, which was at the age of 22. She mentioned that she had married (the first time) at a very young age, and when she was 20, she had moved to England, where she auditioned for the film, Le Prix d’une femme, which revolved around the subject of the dowry system in India. She mentioned that her audition was loved so much by the casting director that she could not believe it was Suchitra’s first audition.

Source: A still from the episode

After some fun conversations and games, came the rapid-fire round. In this round, Ira Dubey asked Rohit Roy some interesting questions, one of which was, ‘What do you consider to be your best and worst performances?’ To this, Rohit Roy answered that for him his best performance was Kaabil, and the worst, ‘many of them’. He also mentioned that among these many, was also his performance in Swabhimaan. “I cringe now when I see it,” he said.

He was later also asked if he liked Ronit Roy more as a brother or as an actor, to which, he instantly replied, ‘actor!’ He then hilariously shared, “He (Ronit Roy) is the most irritating brother!”

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When it came to Suchitra Pillai, she too had a lot of fun things to share during the rapid-fire round. When asked which was her best performance of herself, she mentioned it was in the 2017 film, The Valley. She was also asked her secret of being ‘fab at fifty,’ to which, she said, “My big secret is that eat whatever you want, it won’t come on.”

Source: A still from the episode

Besides these fun games, the two guests and the host Ira Dubey had many interesting conversations, which got a lot of laughter arousing from them and from the viewers.

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