A Step-By-Step Guide To HiPi: These Tutorial Videos Can Help You Reach Stardom

Can’t wait to be part of the HiPiverse but don’t know how? Here’s how you can gain fame with India’s best video creation app.

Kenneth Carneiro

August 21, 2020


3 min


This Independence Day, ZEE5 launched HiPi, India’s latest and best content creation app for content creators and artists from all parts of India. Quick to jump on the HiPi bandwagon were TV stars from Kundali Bhagya like Shraddha Arya and Anjum Fakih, and Shubhangi Atre from the much-loved show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain. HiPi is a great new platform to watch your favourite stars as well as find your own way to stardom.

That’s right. With HiPi you can create short content under 90 seconds for audiences to enjoy. You can showcase your talent in dance, comedy, singing, and create your own fan base, but also take part in digital auditions no matter where you come from.

Watch a promo for HiPi here.

Here are four quick tips on how you can get the most out of HiPi in its early stages.

Step 1: Register on HiPi

Introduction to HiPi On ZEE5_1
Source: YouTube

Here’s how you can become a part of this new platform. Download/update your ZEE5 app. Click on register to HiPi and fill in your details. Create your profile that your fans can see. Lastly check all the preferences that you want for your account and you are good to go.

Step 2: Dikhao Apna Swag

Introduction to HiPi On ZEE5_2
Source: ZEE5

If you are looking to showcase your talents on HiPi, here’s how you can join a vibrant content community and be a HiPi! Firstly click the ‘+’ sign at the bottom of the app. Then record your video with your own choice of music, filters, effects and much more. Create your own HiPidom and spread the fun.

Step 3: Spread The HiPilove

Introduction to HiPi On ZEE5_3
Source: YouTube

If you enjoy HiPi, here’s how you can spread that fun to your friends and family too. You can start off by liking and commenting on the posts by your favourite HiPistars to get them more views. You can also click on the share button and spread the videos through other social media platforms to your friends and loved ones.

Step 4: Challenge yourself

Introduction to HiPi On ZEE5_4
Source; YouTube

If you are a new content creator looking to get new followers here’s a good way to get on the trending page. Discover the latest challenges on HiPi like the #FitHit or #MyFavDialogue Challenge. Discover your video in the trending challenges category and open up to more viewers.

Watch this space for regular updates on the trending challenges and your new favourite stars to watch out for on HiPi.

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