A Salon Owner In Gwalior Offered Free Haircuts For A Day To Celebrate His Baby Girl’s Birth

A local salon owner in Gwalior celebrated the birth of a daughter by offering people free haircut for a day and people lined up to get the service and congratulate the couple.

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January 7, 2021

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It was a good day for those who wanted to get their hair cut in Gwalior. Brothers Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan, yes they share their names with the famous Bollywood brothers, emerged as local heroes as they gifted all those who walked into their salon free haircuts. The reason? Salman became the father to a baby girl and he wanted to share his happiness with the people of the city. So, he offered them free haircuts for a whole day. In a world where people still abandon newborn girls, Salman is an example for many.

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On January 4, the people of Gwalior rejoiced as they got free haircuts from three salons in Gwalior owned by Salman. Hearing the good news, locals lined up before his shops to avail the service and congratulate the couple. Both Salman and his wife couldn’t be happier and their town is happy for them.

Local star Salman said, “Through the step, I want to give a message that the birth of a daughter brings immense happiness. People should not be sad about the birth of a girl child.” A poster outside Salman’s salon read ‘free services will be available to customers on January 4 to welcome the birth of a girl child at our home’.

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The happy father also said that “People usually get sad when a girl child takes birth at their home. We decided to make all our three shops free on January 4 to show people that they should feel happy about the birth of a child irrespective of its gender.”

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