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A. R. Rahman Birthday: These Songs Of The Artist Will Prove That Music Can Be A Healer Of Your Agonies


January 6, 2022

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On January 6th, the god of music, A. R. Rahman turns a year older. His music is something that can create magic into your ears, and even your souls. So lets have a look at his best tracks

There is no need to introduce this amazing individual The god of music, A. R. Rahman! Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of him. He has a voice that you want to hear over and over again, a voice that no one can replace, and a voice that has done wonders for the industry since he began. The singer will turn a year older on January 6th. Rahman is a well-known and well-respected figure in the world. He has elevated music to a new level. He’s given it a whole new dimension, and you couldn’t agree more to it. His song has a mellow quality to it that will warm your heart.

So here are the artist’s best songs that we can’t get out of our heads.

Maa Tuje Salam

It’s been years since this song was released, but it’s amazing how it still gives you chills the same way it did the first time you heard it. Rahman’s voice is so powerful that we refer to him as “the god of music.” This displays a level of patriotism that cannot be matched by anything else.

Kun Faya Kun

This wonderful song by A. R. Rahman will never leave your playlist, thanks to Irshad Kamil’s emotional lyrics. Ranbir Kapoor is featured in a song from the film Rockstar. This music has the ability to alleviate your sadness and agony. It acts as a treatment for your sickness. The words are so relaxing that they make you feel like you’re listening to music straight from heaven.

Jai Ho

Without the song that inspired the title of Rahman’s biographical film, no list of Rahman songs would be complete. Rahman received the Academy Award for Best Original Song for this smash single from 2008.

Chaiyya Chaiyya

This track 1998 brought together Ratnam’s filmmaking genius and Rahman’s musical skill. The song Chaiyya Chaiyya won both musical and dancing awards, thanks to choreographer Farah Khan’s perfectly timed train dance.

Tere Bina

This 2007 Ratnam film Guru’s music is definitely everyone’s favourite Rahman album of all time. Tere Bina, a qawwali-influenced song, has a special place in everyone’s heart, and the soothing tune will make you drift in pleasure.

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