A Glimpse Into The Season Finale Of Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone

Parinika Uchil

April 25, 2019

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1. Episode 1 - Born To Be A Chef!

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The Season finale of Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone is here, so hope you are excited. While Sunny had many downsides to her life before coming to India, there were a couple of upsides too, that kept her going. The basic lesson that you will learn after watching all the seasons is that ‘shit happens’ in everyone’s life. The main point is to keep moving forward. The only way you can keep happy is if you follow your own calling. It may be permanent or like in Sunny’s case when love finds you, it can change your life completely. 

There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from watching the season finale, but for any sceptics, here is something that will help you! Keep reading…

In the first episode of the Season Finale, you will see how Sunny’s destiny lands him in the job of a chef. On the other hand, Jaspal Vohra makes a friend in the form of Nina Kapoor. To clarify, Sunny clears the air by saying that his dad is not the cheating kind. Obviously, both Sunny and Karen disapprove of their father’s relationship with Nina. Elsewhere, Sunny’s friend and business partner tries to find out if she would like to get back to work. In the end, we can see that Daniel and Sunny steady their relationship.

2. Episode 2 - Princess Finds Her Prince

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The second episode retraces Daniel Webber’s and Sunny Leone’s childhood. It looks at how both of them were different, but strong-willed all the same. Forward to a few years ahead and you will see all the crazy things each of them did, in their own worlds. This is the point when I personally thought that the concept of ‘soulmates’ exist. Also, Karen introduces her beau Daniel to her business partners in this episode. Soon afterwards, Karen takes a serious decision about her career. She further helps Daniel and his mother sort their differences. Watch the episode to know what I mean.

3. Episode 3 - It's time to grow big!

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An interesting episode this, where Sunny’s parents have an awkward moment regarding an Adult DVD they got. Additionally, a piece of big news awaits Sunny when she meets her ex-colleague with Daniel. She then brings her business partners and friends in on this plan and decides to start her own company. A harsh reality hits Sunny by the end of this episode. This includes a piece of bad news from her father, Jaspal Kaur Vohra. You can catch the rest of what happens in the third episode here.

4. Episode 4 - Flight to India

Source: ZEE5

The final episode to the end the season finale is the one in which the makers of Big Boss Season 5 decided to give Sunny a chance to make her debut in Bollywood. Their reasons and everything put together, watch how Sunny finds an escape ticket to all her sorrows, after her supporting and loving father passes away too, in this episode. With some emotional moments in this episode including Daniel’s romantic proposal, you will also get to see the real footage of Sunny when she landed in India in the end. Don’t miss it.

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