A Look At India’s Media Journey On National Press Day

The Press Council of India, a self-regulatory media watchdog was established on 16 November 1966, a day celebrated as the National Press Day

Raghav N

November 17, 2020

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National Press Day is celebrated in India on 16 November to commemorate the establishment of the Press Council of India (PCI) in 1966. The PCI operates under the Press Council Act of 1978 as a self-regulatory watchdog of, by and for the media.

Looking at India’s history in this field, sources corroborate that writing had become a medium of communication for Indian people more than 4,000 years ago. India is considered the biggest media market globally, with more than one lakh newspapers in the market, an excess of 17,000 dailies and at least 10 crore copies being distributed on a day to day basis. The country holds a record for housing more than 400 news channels showing 24-hours content. With 56 crore social media users, the nation is only next to China.

India’s first newspaper, the Bengal Gazette was founded by an Englishman, James Augustus Hicky in 1780. After this, many other papers including the India Gazette, Calcutta Gazette, Madras Courier and the Bombay Herald followed. These newspapers carried news of the areas under the British. The Bombay Samachar founded in 1822 and printed in Gujarati is the oldest surviving newspaper in Asia till date.

There is a stark difference in how the media started in this country and how it is perceived today, with many critics often calling the overdose of information the death of journalism.

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