A Look At Donald Trump’s Four-Year White House Journey

Gun laws, gay laws, the Mexico Wall and the handling of the Coronavirus pandemic are some of the highlights of President Trump’s stint at the White House

Raghav N

October 15, 2020

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As the United States presidential elections draw closer, here is a look at President Donald Trump’s highs and lows from his last four years in office.

As soon as he came to power, he announced the construction of the Mexico Wall to stop the illegal immigration of South Americans into the US. This was heavily opposed by many activists who called out Trump for separating families and children from each other.

Trump also took a strong and often objectionable stand on Islamic countries, starting with the sudden travel ban of citizens from several Muslim countries to America. While he announced a coalition strike against Syria, he imposed sanctions against Iran to curb the latter’s nuclear expansion aspirations.

The president ruffled feathers with China after starting a trade war with the latter. Furthermore, with the COVID-19 situation spiralling out of control, he started referring to the infection as the Chinese Flu publicly, earning the title of a racist by many.

The second-term aspiring president also managed to create a great rapport with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whom he accompanied to the Howdy Modi event in Houston.

Whether it is the adult actress Stormy Daniel scandal, his lack of action on changing the dangerous gun laws in the country or his allegedly casual handing of the Coronavirus, Donald Trump has always been in the news. It remains to be seen if the upcoming polls will let him be in the news for the next four years too.

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