A List Of COVID-19 Resources For Delhi, Mumbai And Bengaluru That You Must Save And Share Right Now!

Find out more information about oxygen cylinders, beds and plasma in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore for COVID-19 relief.

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April 22, 2021



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What started a year ago is nowhere finished in India. The COVID-19 pandemic is in full force and the daily count of cases in India reached a new high of three lakhs on Thursday. This has made Delhi, the nation’s capital the worst-hit city in the country and Mumbai a close next. The cases in UP are on the rise and the state is currently witnessing a dilemma over a lockdown. The country is also seeing elections in some parts like West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala etc. In this chaos, there have been reports from all over the country suggesting that there is a lack of a sufficient number of vaccine dosages, medicines, oxygen cylinders and plasma donors. As hospitals are getting more and more crowded, beds have also become insufficient leading to the collapse of the medical situation in the country.

As the cases are rising, citizens are being asked to stay indoors but no complete lockdowns have been placed. Masks are extremely vital in the fight against the virus as well. This second wave is affecting the age of 18-45 the most and we suggest you take a look at these COVID-19 resources and share them with anyone in need.


The capital registered 24,638 cases on Wednesday and has been one of the biggest concerning cities. If you live in Delhi and need a bed, look at this website that provides a list of vacant beds, with the hospital names and contact addresses so that you can easily make your way to the hospital if need be. It is updated regularly by the Nodal Officers of each hospital in Delhi.


This Instagram thread is verified and has been sharing important COVID-19 information.


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For mild coronavirus patients, doctors are available via call for consultations. Here is a list of available doctors in Delhi shared by doctors themselves.


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Remdesivir is an important drug that is used for COVID-19 adult patients. There is a shortage of this drug as well and the availability of it is very erratic. It has also come to notice that one needs to have some documents in order to acquire this drug. Take a look:


Mumbai has been in a bad condition for weeks now. A lot of citizens have gathered verified data and compiled it on Twitter. Take a look at this thread for beds, oxygen, food, plasma donation.

For the availability of beds, BMC has started a Ward War Room for each Ward. The details shared by Faye D’Souza are the numbers for each ward that can be used to contact hospitals for beds.


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Here are some places with Remdesivir available in Mumbai.

For quarantined people and families who are unable to make their own food, there are also tiffins and meal boxes services made available by volunteers.

The Hemkunt Foundation in Mumbai is also giving out free oxygen cylinders for the needy!

Organisations like Dhoondh are available for plasma donations from recovered covid patients. Take a look at what plasma donation is required by the donor, how it is done, and how you can do it, in this guide shared by Sonam Kapoor.


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For mild coronavirus patients, there are ways to take care of it at home in isolation as well.


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The city is seeing a high rise in cases every single day. A lot of citizens are coming to volunteer for food and other necessities. Here is a list of government officials that are available for queries and guidance on beds and oxygen.

BBMP has also launched a helpline for COVID-19 related queries and requests for the citizens of Bangalore.

Karnataka has launched a helpline to work with the shortage of Remdesivir.

Like Delhi, Bangalore too has a COVID-19 hospital beds dashboard which gives users the exact information of beds and oxygen.

Mental health is also a top priority in these testing times and a lot of mental health professionals have volunteered to help patients. Take a look at this consolidated list of professionals.

The situation is grim and the safest way to stay away from it by staying indoors.

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