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A comment from Kota on Anasuya’s dress has lit a fire on social media


October 19, 2021

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Actress and host Anasuya Bharadwaj showed her displeasure on the comment made by the senior actor Kota Srinivas Rao on her dressing and she took to Twitter to voice her opinion

Senior actor and politician Kota Srinivas Rao has once  again become the center of news, this time for his controversial remark on the dressing style of actress Anasuya Bhardawaj. In a recent interview the senior artist was questioned about the current primetime comedy show culture to which the actor responded that he does not find them funny and long lasting. The senior actor further went on to comment about Anasuya saying that while she is a wonderful artist who is both gorgeous and expressive, he dislikes the way she dresses on the television show.  

Anasuya Bhardawaj who hosts the popular Telugu comedy show Jabardasth expressed her displeasure on the comment and said that ‘what one wears is entirely personal’. The actress and host took to Twitter to respond to the remarks made by the veteran actor. She went on to write on her twitter post “I just came across some comments made by the senior artiste. It just overwhelms me how my choice of dressing is a matter of concern to this extent. It’s sad that someone of that experience made remarks so low. One should know what one wears is entirely personal….could be a professional choice too….but still, it’s up to oneself.”

Anasuya went on to question the other vices that were previously promoted by the veteran actor, things like drinking alcohol, wearing shabby clothes or wrongly treating the women. She even wondered why isn’t anyone questioning  the movie stars who are married, have children, and still go on to romance actresses on-screen while flaunting their shirtless bodies.

The actress-host urged celebrities to influence people in the right way and wrote “influence in the right way if you must”. She went on to voice her disappointment regarding the patriarchal behavior by writing that why someone like her, who is a married woman and a mother of two, still working, trying to succeed in her profession and is someone who is opinionated is intimidating people. She went out to state that if this is the case then such people should work on themselves and deal with themselves in spite of making opinions in public.

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