Ek Ghar Mantarlela 18 April 2019 Written Update: Aai Tells Gargee About Her Experiences

Gargee suggests Aai to stop overthinking about anything which why she is experiencing weird things.

Ashutosh Oak

April 19, 2019


2 min


In the previous episode of Ek Ghar Mantarlela, Nilay sees Mrutyunjay bungalow in the video of the car accident. Sameedha who has been missing comes from downstairs and tells Kshitij that she was in the kitchen as she was feeling thirsty. While leaving the house, Kshitij gets injured due to a table. Gargee comes to invite Kiran Mavshi but she refuses to come to her house.

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In tonight’s episode, we see Kshitij and Sameedha come inside the house and sit in a room. Sameedha then asks about Kshitij’s background and overall things. Kshitij then agrees to tell her one incident and shares the incident where he fought with his brother and later came to know that his brother was good to him. After listening to this, Sameedha starts laughing and Kshitij wonders why is she laughing. She then tells him that he kept on talking for five hours continuously. Kshitij doesn’t remember telling her all this and panics.

Sameedha then asks him to relax and not to think about what happened. She then goes to bring coffee and gives it to Kshitij. While having coffee, Sameedha surprises him by asking if there was no gas then how come she managed to bring coffee for him. Hearing this Kshitij gets shocked and is about to freak out. But then Sameedha tells him that she had brought a flask with her and she was kidding.

Gargee’s mom tells her about what she has been experiencing lately, Gargee then tells her that its because she is stressing over unwanted things and she should stop overthinking about anything. Next day, Gargee convinces her mother to go out with her.

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