9 Times Gattimela’s Aarthi Manjunath Proved That She Is A Beauty Like No Other

She is cute and pretty, with or without make-up! Here are some wow-worthy photos of Ashwini aka Aarthi Manjunath, that prove she is a natural beauty

Parinika Uchil

January 19, 2020

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The top show of Karnataka, Zee Kannada’s Gattimela, has come to an interesting point. Firstly, despite being absolutely against it, Suhasini has accepted Aarthi and she even went to the Manjunath house, to invite everyone for the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. So while things are slowly starting to work out, the person in the discussion today is Aarthi, the eldest daughter of Manjunath. Actress Ashwini, who plays this role, is a natural beauty, to put it simply. There are very few actors, whom we see looking the same, with or without makeup. To look presentable on-screen, takes a lot of efforts for some people, and definitely a lot of makeup.

Aarthi Manjunath, however, is hands down the winner here. She’s one of the very few actresses, who doesn’t need makeup per se, to look her pretty self. If you think she puts on a lot of make-up, think again. These no-makeup pics and clips of her might get your misconceptions straight…

1. A no-makeup, close-up with exquisite jewelry, makes the perfect combination for a good selfie.

2. Heard this romantic tune before? It will make you fall in love!

3. A cute half-saree with a good hair-setting and a slight smile (and no makeup) to keep fans hooked. Well done! 

4. What about this cute corporate/cocktail outfit? Without any makeup of course!

5. Did your heart skip a beat watching this cute video, by Aarthi Manjunath aka Ashwini?

6. With or without makeup, Aarthi’s romantic clip will delight you.

7. Staring into the morning sun, has its own benefits. Agreed? 

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8. No makeup cuddles are the best. Now we also know, that Aarthi is a cat-person in real life!

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My alarm clock is no more… koshi ?????

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9. This tune will make you do exactly what Aarthi aka Ashwini, is doing in this video!

So? Did you find much of a difference? Let us know your thoughts in the space given below.

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