9 Scenes In ZEE5 Original Chadarangam That Will Keep You Hooked

Sneha Bale

February 26, 2020


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A comeback

The latest ZEE5 Original show, Chadarangam is a political-drama starring Meka Srikanth alongside many noted Tollywood actors. The show takes inspiration from the events that took place in NTR’s regime as the CM of undivided Andhra Pradesh. The show is an interesting web-series from the regional markets and truly scales up the level of content. We have handpicked a scene from each episode that will make you sit up and stay hooked.

Watch the show here:

As we mentioned earlier, the first episode begins with too many things – until we finally have the main man in all his glory and an undying charm of the bygone times.

The face of misery

In episode 2, we meet with many injustices, obstacles and adultery along with the characters. The director, Raj Anantha, takes us on a journey with his characters in this linear story.

Taking the reigns

Following in the next episode, the story finally begins. The benevolent actor turns into a grim and foresighted political leader. His smile vanishes into a stern face and shrewd dark eyes.

Just a moment of ecstasy

Throughout the show, a separate track about substance abuse keeps you wondering about its need. But in episode 4, it all starts making sense. What happens when a teenager gives up her everything for one moment of ecstasy?

Taking charge

As the drugs take over many lives, an underlying struggle finds his way to the top. Bapineedu, played by Ravi Prakash, has been playing the trusted aide to Gangadhar. And after all of his efforts, in episode 5, it finally feels like ‘he has arrived’.

The unseen mastermind

A well-fleshed out female character is truly the need for the hour. In this scene from episode 6, the Raj succeeds in bringing a brilliant masterpiece to his narrative. RK‘s wedded wife is excited to see her husband as the CM of the state. But she is more than just ‘excited’, she is motivated and by all means, she finds a way to make things work in their favour. “A kitchen is where she belongs”, will say no one ever again.

The power of a tweet

In the seventh episode, we meet Bhargav Kommera, of Ala fame, as a struggling member of the assembly. Although playing a cameo, his character adds an interesting twist to the otherwise stuck-up situation, in favour of Gangadhar’s party. And, he makes all the difference with a single tweet.

Giving it all up

Just when things start to feel better aligned in Gangadhar’s Telugu Kranthi Sangam, the leader decided to stand for re-election with party members. Why? You need to hear out his monologue as he explains the reasons. It is beautifully strengthed with dialogues and enacted by the actor. And Bapineedu’s silence makes a difference, too.

Who's the winner? Whose game is it?

As we approach the climax, the game gets more and more intense. The director releases all the built-up tension and heat just in time, a few minutes before the show officially ends. However, the last scene of the show is a conversation between three important people – and after seeing this, we wonder if the makers have left us with a tingling end for a reason?

Let us know your thoughts about Chadarangam in the comments below. Have you seen the show yet? Check it out here, on ZEE5.

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