9 Reasons Why We Cannot Get Enough Of Vijay Deverakonda

Sneha Bale

September 20, 2019


1 min

1. That Killer Smile

Unless you have been living under a rock, there is no way you would have missed knowing about Vijay Deverakonda. With hits like Geetha Govindam  and Taxiwaala, the 29-year-old Telugu actor has become everybody’s favourite. Among the unlimited reasons you may have to love Vijay, unconditionally, we list the top nine. 

Try as much as you like, but you cannot hold back your smile when you look at him. Girls, let’s be honest. Vijay is THE GUY who can turn your frown into a smile.  

Deep Gaze? Check!

Vijay is a great actor and no one can deny that. But don’t you often find yourself lost in his deep hazel eyes? 

3. Oh That Innocence

While romancing the leading ladies in movies or simply eating a fruit, Vijay’s innocence stays intact. You can only find ways to look at him, time and again.  

4. Heart-Warming Simplicity

Despite being the star that he is now, Vijay remains simple and casual. In his approach to life or his fans, Vijay is known to keep it simple 

5. The Beard (Or No Beard)

Celebs keep changing their looks from time to time. No matter how much we love their looks, we take time to adjust to their new styles. With Vijay, the case is a lot simpler. The actor can rock a full-grown beard one day and a stubble on the next, impressing us in the first instant.  

6. The Style Factor

We all know the Vijay Deverakonda who is seen in grim but relatable characters on-screen. Off it, he prefers maintaining a low profile. But this superstar has learnt his ways of taking us by surprise with his edgy and unconventional style.  

7. The Swag

Be it Vijay’s on-screen characters, his accent, or his tweets – this boy has a swag you cannot match.  

8. The Attitude

One should take lessons from Vijay on how to make everything look cool. The 29-year-old has such swag that it makes people fall for him. 

9. The Class

In case you never understood the craze and hype around him, here’s your answer. Vijay Deverakonda is both – a boy with oodles of swag and a man with class. 

Take your sweet time over these drool worthy pictures. But in case photos aren’t enough, head to ZEE5 to watch him in action. Taxiwaala, a thriller drama, or Geetha Govindam, a romantic comedy. Or how about you watch some more romantic movies?


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