9 Moves Made By Nithya In Kalyana Vaibhogam That We Admit Were Quite Impressive

Sneha Bale

June 26, 2020


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1. A deep sleep disguised as death

Not only us, but our favourite on-screen characters also took a break, during this quarantine. While we’re happy that everyone got to rest and rejuvenate, we also know that many of us missed them. During one such moment, we found ourselves recounting some of the most amazing moves that Kalyana Vaibhogam‘s Nithya made to get closer to Jai again.

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Let’s take a deep dive into Nithya’s memorable moves in descending order. So, we start with her latest one. She decided to give Manga heavy dose of medicine which would push her into a deep slumber. Here, she proved that Nithya wants sound revenge and not just an end to Manga.

2. Driving Manga to Devipuram again

After all that Manga went through, she announced Devipuram to be a bad zone. Nithya found a way to bring Manga back to the place where her death is written. Nithya didn’t say it out loud nor did she send a message. Yet she managed to do things as planned.

3. Making Manga find the truth about Suryadevara curse

Manga, like Jai, was living blissfully with her husband and her in-laws. But her happiness isn’t something that aligns with Nithya’s happiness. So, Nithya tried successfully and presented Manga in front of the facts that revolve around Jai, the Suryadevara family and the generational curse that would kill her.

4. Finding moments with Jai

How to make the most of having a twin? Well, one could really take lessons from Nithya. She managed to keep a wife away from her husband, only so that she could fulfil her desires. In this quest, she also ensured that neither twin sister nor her brother-in-law find themselves uncomfortable with this change.

5. Turning into Manthara

All these years, we had only been hearing ‘history repeats itself’. But Nithya took it quite literally and turned into Manthara, an epic character from The Ramayana. After taking the avatar, she did what Manthara did with innocent people – take their happiness away for her own greed.

6. Throwing Manga into the Sagar

While Nithya was conceiving the plan of killing Manga by throwing her into the deep and dirty waters, we were sure that things would go wrong. But Nithya took everyone by surprise when she managed to execute her plan exactly as she thought.

7. Faking a suicide

At one point, Nithya poisoned herself — not to end a chapter, but to begin a new one. It may sound twisted, and it is, too. But that’s just how Nithya functions.

8. Faking her own death

Taking an act too far? That seems to be Nithya’s warm-up. Just when Jai and Nithya were supposed to take their relationship to the next level, Nithya faked her own death. Post that she made everyone believe it by going underground, forever.

9. Getting out of the generational curse

It wasn’t too late until Nithya found about the generational curse that runs Jai’s family. So in order to save herself from the misery and still find a way to stay close to Jai – Nithya did what she felt was inevitable. And that was pushing Manga to pretend like Nithya and live as Jai’s wedded wife. What began then, is still an on-going struggle for Nithya.

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