9 EXCLUSIVE Pics Of Radha From Radha Kalyana That Will Make You Fall For Her Instantly

Parinika Uchil

October 23, 2019

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Radha is all smiles

Source: ZEE5

Radhika Rao as Radha has aced her character of an innocent young girl, who takes up a job at a rich man’s house only to make ends meet at her home. While she is set in her traditional values, her boss aka the hero of the show, Shri Krishna, is quite the opposite of his name. How she changes him for the better will make the rest of the story.

While you go on this interesting journey, we bring to you something special today. Nine cute poses from Radhika Rao that’ll not only make you fall in love with her but you can also use this poses as a reference while getting clicked too. This pose near a white pillar is a perfect example of what I mean. Oh! And don’t forget to smile wide like her.

The enveloped saree fall

Source: ZEE5

See how smart Radha is to find a unique pose despite the same dress? For reference, all you have to do is hold your hand to your waist and put the fall of your half-saree through the loop created between your arms and your waist (like in the picture).

The classic side pose

Source: ZEE5

In continuation of the pose before, for this side pose all you have to do is turn towards one side and face the camera. Remember to keep smiling at all times okay? Just like namma Radha.

A sideways glance

Source: ZEE5

Using the same base position as before you can undo the fall of the half-saree and look sideways. To make the exact same expression as Radha, think that your loved one is standing on one side of the camera and slightly smile while looking to either the right or left side.

A smile and a plea for peace

Source: ZEE5

The cutest pose of the whole lot according to me is this one where Radha is smiling in a goofy and playful manner while posing with the peace symbol on her fingers. Her other hand still remains on the waist.

Long shot, please

Source: ZEE5

Always get a full-length pic apart from your close-ups because it gives a sense of the whole outfit like namma Radha’s in this image. The lovely yellow and purple half-saree compliments Radha really well, don’t you think?

Oops, I did it again!

Source: ZEE5

See the best part of these pics, Radha’s left hand is always on her shoulder and all these varieties she has brought in are super easy to recreate. Including this one where Radha seems to be highly amused and is making ‘oops’ face. Isn’t she just a treat to see? And her smile too?

Say cheese

Source: ZEE5

While this pose may look like a classic way to get a picture clicked, look at the way Radha has positioned her hands. If you want a more delicate look to your pictures, ensure you pose for at least one in this style.

‘Excuse me, may I?’

Source: ZEE5

Examine this image carefully before thinking about what Radha might be asking for? Chocolates? Good food? But notice that the way she has posed looks very cute and worthy enough to be replicated, right?

So if you are a real fan of Radhika don’t forget to try and click the exact same picture as her and send it us in the box given below.

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