8 Years Of English Vinglish: 5 Reasons This Film Is An Inspirational Story For Indian Housewives

Sridevi’s comeback film as a housewife in English Vinglish is not just a relatable but also an inspirational story till date.

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October 5, 2020



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English Vinglish created quite a buzz in 2012 as Sridevi’s comeback in Hindi films after spending over a decade away from the big screen. She surprised everyone with a gem of a film and a heartwarming story. The story of a housewife, Shahshi, who finds herself after finally spending time away form her family showed a mirror to society and how we treat mothers in modern families. She followed this up with Mom, another fiercely feminist story and we are left to wonder what modern gem she would bring on screen if not for her tragic and untimely death.

Watch the trailer for her film Mom here.

Here’s 5 moments from English Vinglish that were vital lessons for mothers in Indian families today.

1. Follow your instincts

In New York, Shashi finds a friend and companion in her English class. Laurent and Shashi form an unlikely friendship that always has an undercurrent of love. However, when Laurent tries to kiss Shashi, she backs away and stops him. For someone who meekly gave into her family, here’s one of the big moments where Shashi asserts herself.

2. Your children are not your identity

While Shahshi has dedicated her life to her family and kids, they begin to take her for granted. They say hurtful things without even realising it and almost don’t look at her with a human being with feelings. After spending some time away from her kids, Shashi finds herself once again and is able to show her family how they have been ignoring her.

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3. It’s never too late to make new friends

Ever since getting married Shashi’s life is restricted to her family and family friends. However, once she moves to New York for a week, she forms a strong friendship with her nice Radha and then creates a whole new group of supportive friends at her English classes which has people from around the world. They help her change her perspective of life and make her a better person.

4. Don’t limit yourself

Over the years Shashi has perfected the art of cooking and is a master of making Ladoos. However, her family would have her believe that the only thing she is good at is being in the kitchen. Despite their ridicule when she tries to learn English, she refuses to give up and eventually finds a way to prove them wrong.

Scene from English Vinglish
Source: ZEE5

5. Don’t shy away from a guilt trip

This is not a moment that women would need to learn about. Shashi kept the fact about her learning English hidden from her family even after the joined her in New York. She is afraid that they will make fun of her again. However, when the moment comes she puts them in her place by publicly showing her English speaking skills and giving them a massive guilt trip, Indian mother style!

Watch her co-star Adil Hussain’s film Pareeksha which is a film highlighting the flaws in the Indian Education system.

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