8 Thottakkal: Striking Resemblances Between Sathya And Krishnamurthy That Are Hard To Miss

If you were to dig a bit deeper into the mannerisms of both, Sathya and Krishnamurthy, then you would notice how closely they are associated.

June 11, 2019


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Sathya and Krishnamurthy in 8 Thottakkal, available on ZEE5 have striking resemblances that are hard to miss. The part of Sathya is essayed by Vetri while Krishnamurthy is played by M S Bhaskar. These two seemingly opposite characters work through the plot of the story to leave a mark on the minds of the viewers. While Sathya is the lead hero of the movie, Krishnamurthy is the villain.

Watch the struggle between the characters of Sathya and Krishnamurthy in the movie 8 Thottakkal

Now, usually, the protagonist and antagonist of a movie are two strikingly opposite characters. For it is only when a conflict is created. But in the case of these two characters, the idea holds very little value. In the movie, you would see that both Sathya and Krishnamurthy are victims of having a good heart. They both belong to the police force and they both are facing suspension.

Sathya and Krishnamurthy
A still from 8 Thottakal

If you were to dig a bit deeper into the mannerisms of both these characters then you would notice how closely they are associated. In fact, in a way, they both have been affected by the police inspector Gunasekaran’s ego and inefficiency. Now, it is these two separate incidents with Gunasekaran that become a life-changing event. While Krishnamurthy lashes out and becomes a criminal, Sathya tries to hold on to his ethics and morality.

Sathya and Krishnamurthy at the canteen
A still from 8 Thottakka streaming on ZEE5

Further, these both characters have a sense of alienation within themselves. And you would see that Krishnamurthy faces it within the framework of his family and remains silent about it. On the other hand, Sathya faces it in every walk of his walk and again chooses to be silent about it. In fact, this connection between the two characters is heightened in the end scene of the movie where Sathya sees someone related to his past and juggles with the idea of getting revenge. It is the same, long and lost gaze that Krishnamurthy possessed that flashes across Sathya’s face.

Watch the movie to find more such interesting similarities between these characters. Did you notice any more? Do let us know in the comments below!

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