8 Scenes From Telugu Hit Movie Mr. Majnu That Are Too Cute To Handle

Sneha Bale

April 25, 2019


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1. Excuse Me Miss...

Akhil Akkineni and Nidhhi Agerwal’s Telugu movie Mr. Majnu is a romantic drama that will make every millennial couple say, ‘So relatable!’ Where there is romance, there has to be some cuteness and Mr. Majnu is full of it. We list eight scenes that will make you stop everything and watch the film on ZEE5.

Akhil as Vikki aces the look and feel every time he uses his grandfather and legendary actor Akkineni Nageshwar Rao garu’s dialogue, “Excuse me miss! Yemito ee English bhashaDenni aiyte miss cheyakodudo daanne miss antaru“(What shouldn’t be missed is called miss in the English language).

2. Best Friend Goals, Right Here

If you think you have seen the best set of best friends, you might want to hold on to that thought. Why, you ask? Because when Vikki lies, Chitti gets hurt, physically and literally. Most of Chitti’s accidents happen because Vikki has lied. Now that’s a real connection.

3. Vikki, Nikki And The Day Out

Vikki and Nikki are asked to shop together and that’s how they are forced to have a day out. What starts as a furious drive from home to the saree shop, ends with dinner at a restaurant and desserts by the roadside. How they lose track of time and end up spending the day with each other is truly cute.

4. Day 2 Of Dating

Vikki admits to being in failed relationships in the past but agrees to Nikki’s deal of dating for two months before coming to a conclusion. They decide to keep it a secret but Nikki shows up in Vikki’s room to wake him up on the second day itself. Nikki’s excitement will keep you going.

5. Nikki's Love For Vikky

Nikki proposes the ‘deal’ to Vikki and is the first one to say the three magical words. Vikki is hesitant and does not reciprocate Nikki’s love. Yet when she looks at him, her eyes are full of love for him.

6. Awkward Much

At the dinner table, Nikki blurts out her plans of marrying Vikki and the entire family is shook. Instead of trying to cover up her blunder, she feels shy and leaves the room. And the dining room is filled with awkward gazes and secret smiles.

7. 'The Talk'

After the family finds out about their relationship, Vikki stands outside the house when Nikki’s elder brother joins him. He gives Vikki ‘the talk’ about how important Nikki and her happiness is to everyone in the house.

8. The Emotional Uncle

Nikki stays with her uncle and aunt in London. Popular Tollywood actor Subbaraju plays the role of her uncle. Unlike his physique and most of his role, instead of beating up people and being beaten up, he plays an emotional fellow who is unable to control his emotions and tears.

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