8 Scenes From Raghava Lawrence’s Kanchana 3 That Might Keep You Up At Night

Sneha Bale

August 30, 2019


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1. The classic pull

Raghava Lawrence’s Kanchana 3, the fourth instalment in his Muni franchise, is a treat for all the fans of the horror-comedy genre. Irrespective of the language, or any cultural barriers, the film appeals to everyone. That is because it depends on the actors and their acting chops to deliver the message. We’ve picked a few of the scenes that had us move behind on our seats, and caught our attention still.

A dark room and a girl alone… That sounds like the perfect setting for ghosts to creep in, right? Here, that’s exactly what happens. It’s surprising how you predict it yet be scared when your prediction comes true. Or is it just us?

2. They say, "don't turn back"

You know you’re wise when you think practically even in a situation when your life is at risk. In a scene featuring Yuvasri, as papa, she senses something abnormal and otherworldly around her. Yet she refrains from turning back or running away. She moves… slowly and cautiously. We were praying to the Lord to save her, to be honest!

3. There or here?

Everyone in the house believes that the ghosts have been exorcised successfully. But at night, papa and her parents (Devadarshini and Sriman) are scared by sudden loud noises at night. And in haste, they move to hide and save themselves. The father sees Papa turn herself around in the curtains. But hey! She had been hiding behind the bed. Who was in the curtains then?

4. The daredevils versus the devil

The elders of the family have one task in order to understand which type of ghosts are present in the house. It’s Raghava’s mother (Kovai Sarala) and brother and sister-in-law who have to complete it. Now, we walk into this scene knowing that it’s going to be a crazy ride ahead. They’re scared and we’re laughing. But they’re scared and we’re scared too.

5. "Don't disturb me"

At one point, Raghava wears heels, applies a bright pink lipstick, curls his lashes with a brand new mascara and gets into high heels. He looks at himself in the mirror as he takes little strolls in the room. When his mardals ask him what was wrong with him, all ‘she’ has to say is “don’t disturb me” with eyes that will pierce right into yours.

6. Kaali says 'Hi'

This is the pre-interval scene including the revelation of the ghosts in Raghava’s body — Kaali and Rosy. Rosy is a calm and composed lady. But when she insists that Kaali say “hi” to them all, you better be prepared. Because it’s a greeting you aren’t going to forget in a long time.

7. The calm after the storm

Do not buy into the romance of this the picture above. I repeat. Do not buy into the romance above. Because there’s a whole storm that unleashes upon people before Kaali and Rosy hold hands and descend into heaven or the world for them. And that storm… my friend, is a storm that had us shook, and many shivering.

8. Post-credit surprise

You think the film is over and remove your shield of daring and guts. But the post-credit scene is a sweet, sweet surprise. Gear up again, because Raghava brings Kanchana 4 to you soon!

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