8 Dating Lessons We Learnt From ZEE5 Shows (Mistakes We Will Dare Not Repeat)

Jessica David

April 16, 2020


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1. Two-timing isn't cool

Flamboyant casanova Ronobir Chatterjee is the man Kusum Ganguly falls for in It Happened In Calcutta. Already engaged to Sujata, his father’s friend’s daughter, Ronobir gives Kusum an assurance that he loves her only! Two-timing his relationships, Ronobir abandons a pregnant Kusum and marries Sujata in London. He ends up regretting his indecision!

Watch the trailer of the yesteryear love-saga here:

2. Don't be afraid to love

Based on Sumrit Shahi’s novel, Never Kiss Your Best Friend depicts the adorable story of Sumer Singh Dhillon and Tanie Brar. Both of them are best friends from college but finds themselves in love with each other. Afraid to date, warring in their minds is the loss of friendship over the gain of love! But as they say, “Pyaar kiya toh darna kya?” 

3. Date when ready, not when needy!

Sameera and Veer are two heart-broken people in Broken But Beautiful Season 2. They part ways with their previous relationships and what follows is tons of emotional baggage. This results in Sameera dating Ahan and Veer developing a relationship with Debbie. They think their respective partners are nice people but they don’t really love them. That’s when Veer-Sameera realise they are meant to be!

4. Gold-diggers get nowhere

Tarini Bisht’s childhood dream in Fittrat is not to be a gold-medalist, but a gold-digger. She goes on dating a string of men for riches and glory. Eventually, she falls in love with an extremely wealthy guy, Vir Shergill only to realise shockingly that he is her best friend Amrita’s (Amy) fiancé. She admits her mistakes and gets rid of her vice through a journey of self-discovery!

5. Never hide secrets from your partner

Characters from Zee TV’s former popular daily-soap Jamai Raja land in its spin-off web series Jamai 2.0. In a deck of cards, Siddharth is the Joker while Roshni is the Ace and her mother is a self-proclaimed Queen, Durga Devi. Roshni senses that something is fishy when Sid is hiding information from her. At Sid’s apartment, Roshni finds out that he is arrested by the police!

6. Don't be overconfident about their parents

Love Bites talks about a small-town boy Vishwas who moves to Pune for a handsome-salaried job. He dates seven different women in seven days! When he falls for his landlord’s beautiful and homely daughter Vijayanti, things go for a toss. His landlord is an old man, very difficult to please, and sceptical of youngsters. But Vishwas becomes overconfident only to have his plan to impress the landlord backfire on him!

7. Infidelity is the ultimate ruin

Michelin-starred chef Vikram Singh Chauhan is the centre of head-chef Nitya Sharma’s universe in Coldd Lassi aur Chicken Masala. While she is preparing him to be on his own in the real world as well as making his favourite cheeseburgers, Vikram cheats on Nitya by having a one-night stand with Seema. Vikram even spends Nitya’s savings without her knowledge!

8. Don't leave them hanging!

Commitment phobia is one of the fears that Yudi, a single father to three kids, has in Hum Tum and Them. He falls in love with Shiva, an independent single mother to her 13-year old daughter. Their children neither like them nor their unusual relationship. Shiva’s problems start getting bigger when Yudi is uncertain about his relationship with her!

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