7 Times Namma Ningi Showcased Her Brilliant Entertaining Skills Off-Screen

Life gets better when Ankietha aka Ningi keeps us entertained.

Parinika Uchil

May 10, 2019

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Our favourite supporting actor Ankietha, from Zee Kannada’s popular show Kamali, does more than just support her onscreen best friend Kamali. Her character on the show is called Ningi, who leaves no stone unturned to keep the viewers entertained. Ningi’s quirky jokes and obsession with food will make you laugh.

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Entertainment is a gift given to the audience mainly by actors. While the importance of cutting yourself some slack is forgotten by many, Ankietha doesn’t let the small things get to her. Also, she likes to make the most of her free time by making entertaining videos for her fans. So without further ado, let’s check out these seven enjoyable videos of Namma Ningi, shall we?

1. Dancing with Urmila

Ningi and Urmila (played by Bhavyashree) took a break between shoots and enjoyed dancing to the famous song Mastu Mastu Hudugi. These Kamali actors look like they are having a lot of fun isn’t it?

2. Shambu gets pranked

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Shambu pranked!? @suhas_athreyas

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Ningi pranks her co-star Shambu (played by Suhas Athreyas) by making this hilarious video while he is asleep. It is fun to stir up the monotony once in a while!

3. Ningi’s romantic side anyone?

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Ankietha left no stone unturned to be romantic in this video (even I blushed). You will love her dance for the song Yenammi Yenammi. Also, Shambu gives her a surprise in the end and adds extra emotion to the video.

4. Best friends forever

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Being Kamali and Ningi! ??

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Here’s a fun video of Rangamma (Ningi) and Mangamma (Kamali) dancing in front of Anika’s house. Wait…what?

5. Her Don side, please

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Honestly, Ankietha is too cute to be scared of, but her efforts are totally worth the watch. Acting wise she gets a perfect score!

6. Drama is her life

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How NiNGI got ragged! ?

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Watch Ningi portraying the feelings of a person who is being ragged. It’s adorable how her reaction changes. However, bullying or ragging should never be tolerated in real, find the courage and stand up to injustice.

7. Her slo-mo’s are the best

With a beautiful song in the background, check out this cool slow-motion video of Ningi atop a hill.

Do you think Ningi is the best entertainer? Don’t forget to tell us which was your favourite video? Feel free to post your comments in the space below.

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