7 Struggles That Are Surpisingly Similar Between India and Pakistan’s Young Generation

Here are some common struggles faced by today’s youngsters in our country that are perfectly highlighted in Zindagi shows like Gohar-E-Nayab.

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May 21, 2021


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Being a youngster in today’s day and this age is extremely difficult and full of struggles. Youngsters have a set of separate problems that everyone their age faces irrespective of their religion, caste or creed. These struggles range from one’s love life to their professional orientation and even from marriage to social life. Have you also been a part of the crowd? Here are some struggles which are commonly faced by the younger generation and the ones that are aptly portrayed in Zindagi shows.

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Father not approving of a career choice 

We have all been at that stage of life when we wanted to pursue a certain career but our parents were not very happy about our decision. We have all fought for our choices just like Fauzia did in Baaghi. She aspired to be a model but her family was not supportive of her decision. When they found out that she earned her livelihood through modelling and not through a boutique, they get enraged and insult her for choosing a profession that has brought shame to their family’s name.

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Trust issues with husband

Trust is an integral part of any relationship and it is the virtue that keeps a relationship strong and healthy. But if a couple has trust issues with each other, their marriage is sure to crumble. An apt example of this is the marriage between Aleena and Numair in Teri Berukhi. Their marriage resulted in a divorce because of their multiple domestic issues and the lack of trust in each other. Patience and communication might be able to do the trick for everyone who is facing trust issues in their marriage or for that matter in any relationship!

Teri Bekhudi
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Being at the receiving end of relative’s harsh comments

Does harsh and unnecessary comments of relatives sound familiar to you? Yes, it does because everyone has come across some aunties in our family who are waiting to taunt every youngster for their life choices. Be it marriage or career, these relatives seem to have an opinion about everything. Gohar from Gohar E Nayab also falls prey to her relatives and their cunning ways when she gets married to her paternal cousin, Sami and his family starts torturing her in order to seek revenge from her father and grandmother.

Gohar e nayab
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Parents not approving your love life

Almost every couple who has been in love dreads the day when they have to disclose their choice of a life partner to their parents. It is a common scenario when a father rejects his child’s choice of a life partner because of caste, creed or any random reason. Ibad and Haniya of Meri Jaan Hai Tu also had to face the same problem when they decided to marry each other in the USA. Ibad’s father refused to accept Haniya as his daughter-in-law and she later pledges to win his heart and his approval.

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Hypocritic and oppressing men 

We all live in a patriarchal society and have come across all types of men. While there are many examples of gentlemen who are quite vocal about equality in society but they are also others who like oppressing woman and are quite a hypocrite in nature. Sassi from O Rungreza had the misfortune of meeting only oppressive and hypocritical men in her life. From her father to her husband all of them just wanted her to be a quiet individual who never questioned their authority. But Sassi was not the one who would keep quiet. Watch the series on ZEE5 to know more about her journey.

O Rungreza
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Faking their life on social media in order to look happy

In today’s day and age, social media is a huge part of everyone’s life and we tend to present it in a way that shows only the happy moments of our life. We have all faked a smile for a post and written positive quotes when we meant none. Salma and Sohail from Ek Jhoothi Love Story also made fake accounts in order to find the perfect life partner. Did they get together outside the internet or did their fake identities take a toll on their relationship? Watch Ek Jhoothi Love Story to know more!

Ek jhoothi Love Story
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Parents forcing for an arranged marriage 

Arranged marriage! After a point of time in life, parents always try to get their children married as soon as possible. And then they start pressurising them to get into an arranged marriage. Parents think their choice of life partner for us will be right as they are more experienced in life and this perception sometimes results in them forcing their kids to get into an arranged marriage. Tooba in Manjali is also forced to marry Taimur in an arranged marriage although she is not happy about it and he turns out to be a womaniser.

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