7 Socials Evils That Allari Naresh’s Brother Of Bommali Comments On, With Humour

Sneha Bale

September 12, 2019


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Fixated Gender Roles


In the 2013 film, Brother of Bommali, Allari Naresh and Kartik Nair, as twins with an interesting twist, continue to entertain us. Most critics and audiences demand that films carry a certain social responsibility because of its wide reach. This movie, which targets at making you laugh, fulfills the criterion.

In its initial sequence, it subtly comments on the fixated gender roles with a hard-hitting comedy. The father tells his son to burst more firecrackers while telling his daughter to stay cautious.

Stereotyping women


Not once but twice in the film, we see an eye-opening commentary on female stereotypes. First, we see the younger Lucky (Kartika) dancing out in the open during the Pedda Pooli celebration. Looking at her, her father expresses his concern about “who will marry her”. Later in the film, Monal Gujjar expresses the situation of women and the concept of stereotyping them openly. She also ends it in a mic-drop worthy way.



Rowdies in Telugu films are as commons as massy heroes. They have always been looked at like a source of conflict to the hero’s uprising. But in this film, they have been criticised as a social evil.

Harassment at the workplace


Most people are aware, and probably victims too, of harassment at the workplace. For the unversed, it is the behaviour of someone to belittle or threaten another worker or a group of workers. In the film, Ramki (Naresh) deals with it all – he was threatened to be fired, hired on terms not mentioned in the contract, used as pawn and more.

Eve Teasing


Vennela Kishore‘s character is meant to be a comical one. But it’s more than that. It’s a reality faced by most women, if not all. He is the second to-command in the office and uses his powers to take advantage of his female co-workers. Sometimes with humour and sometimes with a slap, he is shown his place.

Pay-to-Loan Ration


What might have been a blessing to Boomers is a curse to millennials. The film gives out an interesting, insightful and hilarious commentary on the increasing gap between constant payscale and higher loans. This scene might make you laugh and sting a little, at the same time.

The patriarchal point of view


Lucky’s love interest Harsha (Harshvardhan) is all set to marry a girl who does not like him. Sadly, he does not like her either. Harsha ends up falling for Lucky when she comes in front of him with a thick facade. He talks about how girls in contemporary society do not match the levels of beauty and etiquette. This boils Lucky’s blood but, in the film, she resorts to humour and comedy as a solution.

Do not miss this gem of a film. You can also enjoy more thought-provoking films like Jr NTR‘s Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava on ZEE5.

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