7 Signs You Have A Possessive Partner Like Kalyana Vaibhogam’s Nithya

Sneha Bale

September 17, 2019


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1. Needs you to satisfy their demands/needs

In the ZEE Telugu show, Kalyana Vaibhogam, Nithya has always been an interesting character. After falling in love with Jai, she pictured her whole life with him. It’s because of her own deeds that she went away from Jai. However, she tried to get back into his life many times. Now that she has found a place next to him, Nithya is slowly spewing her poison that Jai is blind to.

If your partner needs you to fulfill their demands and wishes, watch out. Of course, it may be cute at first. But when the behaviour becomes a pattern, you need to address the issue. If you only end up being a giver in the relationship, it will soon take a toll on you. Make your partner understand that it’s not possible for you to fulfill their every demand.

2. Feels the need to exercise control

Slyly sneaking into your phone to secretly checking it, wanting to know your whereabouts at all times to telling you what to do, when and how — these are few of the signs that you need to be watchful of. Don’t forget, relationships are based on trust. If this happens, you have to make your partner realise that they are intruding your privacy and this kind of behaviour may soon take a toll on your relationship.

3. Constantly needs your time and attention

You cannot sit with your partner all day long and chill. That’s almost impossible because survival needs much more than just love. If they discourage you from doing other things or being elsewhere sans them, sit back and think – why? Because there must be more things to be dealt with, on priority. Ask them about their day, interests and goals. Many of your answers will take you ahead.

4. Blurs out personal boundaries

Further to the previous point! We all need our personal space and ‘me time’. During the initial days of the relationship, we want to spend every moment of our lives with that special someone. But that’s unhealthy. One must understand and respect the other individual and stay within their limits. Set out a schedule that allows you your personal time and space and explain to your partner why it’s important for him/her to respect it.

5. Tries to manipulate you

Does your partner try to talk you out of the things you want to do? And instead, convince you into doing what they want? This in itself is a strong sign that your relationship has started to decline. Remember, your partner should respect your opinions and give you enough freedom to do what you want to.

6. Has ill feelings about other people in your life

When and if your partner tries to bring out the bad side of the people that are in your life – my friend, this is a cry for help. They clearly are unable to share you with others, some, who may have been there for longer. Let’s not forget, we’re all social beings. The best you can do is sit them down and have a conversation.

7. Restricts their world to only your existence

Most of the problems of a possessive partner arise when they make their world revolve only around you. And no, it isn’t as cute as scary it is. Because while they might enjoy your companionship the most, they are stripping themselves off many other social obligations – some, which are deemed necessary for their own well-being. We suggest, indulge in activities that would allow you to be with more people.

Jai hasn’t been able to read these signs. We hope at least you could take some help. Stay tuned for more episodes and interesting stories on your favourite shows.

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