7 Signs You Are As Addicted To Coffee As Ileana D’Cruz Is!

Promita Mukherjee

July 10, 2019


1 min

1. You can’t get enough of it

“Not without my coffee,” says Ileana D’Cruz in a recent Instagram post and we can see many of us nodding our heads in agreement. These magical beans seem to have us hooked. We all have our own favourite style of making it – from the humble and delicious filter kaapi to the more exotic cappuccino. This is clearly a drink which has gotten us addicted. From dates to meetings, nothing seems to be complete without a cup of strong or weak, hot or cold coffee. Think of Monday mornings for instance. Would you be able to survive the blues without a cuppa to begin the day? No, right? Or can you? Start your day by checking out these seven signs which tell you whether you are as fond of coffee as the pretty Aata star.

You know the moment when you go check out a fancy new café with your gang. You try out a new variety of your favourite beans and they turn out to be more delicious than you had imagined. And you keep reordering.

2. Running out of beans

A true coffee connoisseur will prefer to go for the beans instead of instant coffee. Running out of coffee beans is nothing short of an emergency.

3. That messed-up moment

You know, when you know that you have messed up, badly, and you need to fix it. But no can do without a cup if strong coffee first, right?

4. Your instant reaction...

To pretty much everything under the sun. Feeling low? Wanna go to the café? Celebrating something? Wanna grab a cup? You know the drill, don’t you?

5. The ‘wrong’ date

So you have gone out on a date. Everything is working fine. You like your potential partner and then, it happens! Your would-be partner thinks that you have too much coffee. Left swipe please!

6. Coffee runs in your blood

You’re the types for whom anything liquid means a cup of coffee. No matter what, you need to feel the caffeine rush in your veins.

7. The best thing

We agree with Simon Baker here. Coffee is indeed like a hug in a cup. It cheers you up and lifts your spirits at all moments.

So go grab your favourite cuppa. For more entertainment, watch N.E.R.D., a ZEE5 Original Series.

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