7 Signs That Prove You Are A Strong-Headed Woman Like Ragini Of Agnifera

Ragini (Yukti Kapoor) redefines the word badass on the show and many of you would relate to it!

Ashutosh Oak

June 25, 2019


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Gone are the days when women were dependent on their male counterparts to make important decisions. But things have changed, and women have become vocal about their thoughts. Ragini from Agnifera is one such character who is strong and independent, have a look at her performance on the show:

Though she is badass, women can take inspiration from her and be as self-sufficient as the Agnifera actress. Are you like Ragini (Yukti Kapoor) from the popular And TV Show? Then take a look at the signs below and decide for yourself:

1. Taking a stand 

When it comes to making decisions, you are always ready to face it be it at work or personal life. You never look back. Be it a challenge at work or overcoming a roadblock in your routine, you are never afraid of the results. You just take the leap of faith and give your best.

2. Advice 

Do your family members and friends look up to you for advice? Are you someone who finds solutions to most problems? Then you are like Ragini.

3. Love to Explore 

For you, every day is a new chapter, a new beginning. You do not like to revisit old things that do not inspire you. You like learning new things, knowing new people, experiencing something new every day.

4.Own Critic 

No matter how headstrong and independent you are, you make mistakes. When you make one, you aren’t shy of owning up. You accept it with pride and work on them.

5. Always have a Plan B

Not everything happens according to what you thought. Things can go haywire and for this, people have an alternate plan ready just like the Agnifera actress.

6. Don’t need an approval

When you are sure about yourself and the decision you have taken you don’t need approvals from others. Because once the decisions are taken, there is no looking back.

7. No compromises 

You do not accept defeat easily. In addition to this, you will never take anything less than you deserve.

While reading these pointers if you felt like ‘this point doesn’t suit me’ and hopped on to the other pointer then this too is a sign that you are Ragini. Let us know if you more points to be added.

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