7 Scenes From The ZEE5 Original Three Half Bottles That Will Make You Giggle

Sneha Bale

December 19, 2019


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When the unexpected guest arrives

The newest addition to the amazing shows on ZEE5 Telugu is Three Half Bottles. Based on the lives of three bachelors who stay together, the show traces the journey of Aditya, Nikhil and Sirish, exploring and embracing their true selves. Through this journey, they hit the highs and fall for the lows. And through their many ups and downs, you will find yourself relating to them. So, here are the top moments where *guilty as charged* we laughed at them.

Nikhil (Aditya Pamnani) is the carefree brat who is happy living in the house given by his father and spending the rent he earns from his roommates. Of course, he does all the things that parents tell kids not to. And one day, guess who surprises him during his chill-sessions? *Hello, uncle!*

When there’s a soap opera at home

One morning, Priya (Swethaa Verma) wakes up Aditya (Sai Ketan Rao) to ask about the noise outside. Aditya tells her about his roommates and she sits upright to listen to the ‘Miya-Biwi’ drama. 

When Nikhil forgets his passenger

As Nikhil goes to drive his father away, quite literally, his phone (attached to the car’s Bluetooth) rings. Aditya calls him and his father forces Nikhil to pick up – and talk as if the father wasn’t around. What follows is a conversation you enjoy listening to but pray that you aren’t a part of. 

When Sirish has to be the mother

Sirish (Hriday Bharadwaj) has convinced himself and the people around him that he is the wisest of them all. A self-made man and the boss to Nikhil, Sirish always ends up being the mother to people around him. At one point in the show, he even has to decide on the clothes that Nikhil would wear to the office. What’s funny? Well, that one look that’s plastered across Sirish’s face.

When Nikhil cannot take it anymore

Nikhil goes to the same cafe, drinks the same eats tea and eats the same biscuitaa every day. But one day, when he is feeling too low to deal with anything, his friend comes to talk about his achievements and the flight to the US. That’s the thing that friends do, right?

When the crush is on a call

The morning after their first interaction, Nikhil awaits a call from his crush, Neha (Monica Tavanam). When she finally calls him, Nikhil tries his best to impress her – to a point where he calls her puking to be graceful. (Yes, what’s wrong with you Nikhil?)

When all Sirish gets is a rejection

Sirish organises a special ‘PR’ party at his residence to connect with entrepreneurs and expand his business. But every time he approaches his ‘potential leads’, all that he gets is a potential rejection. 

Watch the highly relatable show here. If you are looking for something similar, watch Niharika Konidela and Nagendra Babu starrer Nanna Koochi on ZEE5.

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