7 Statements Made By Birthday Girl Sonakshi Sinha That Prove She Is So Damn Relatable

Aayushi Sharma

June 2, 2019


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1. All we can say after knowing the number of photos on Sonakshi's phone is, good storage bruh

Star of Happy Phirr Bhaag Jayegi, Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty and Lingaa, actress Sonakshi Sinha made an appearance on Arbaaz Khan’s chat show Pinch. During her visit, the 31-year-old star spoke about trolls that body-shame her, social media and also spilled the beans on her love life.

On her birthday, we have rounded up seven best revelations Sonakshi made on Pinch, that proves she is relatable AF! Starting with the number of pictures she has on her phone, 16,547 isn’t a small number! Besides, the celebrity feels she can give tips on taking the perfect selfies and knows her angles really well.

2. On being attacked by trolls and haters on social media

Sonakshi said that initially, she would give it back to her haters or trolls on social media but now she just blocks and deletes them. Zen mode on, is it?

3. Sonakshi is that friend who will tag you in hilarious memes everyday

We all have a friend who doesn’t fail to send us or tag us in funny meme posts, guess what, Sonakshi is that friend in her circle. There have been times she revealed that she would just be looking at a meme on her phone and laughing out loud leaving her mother Poonam Sinha to wonder if Sonakshi has gone mad!

4. And if that doesn't motivate you to hit the gym today, we don't know what does

Shotgun Junior aka Sonakshi spoke at length about her journey from being unhealthy to a fit and fab! However, despite the transformation and hard work she put in, people still target her and thus, thereafter her response to them has been: “To hell with it.”

5. Guilty as charged, we find Salman Khan's tweets pretty much hilarious and extremely random too

Sonakshi revisited the time Salman Khan had introduced her as his Dabangg heroine on social media. He had clicked a picture of her forehead and of feet, stating, “Ye dekhiye Sonakshi Sinha head to toe,” chuckled the star.

6. When Sonakshi was absolutely chill about Rishi Kapoor sharing a meme featuring her

Rishi Kapoor had tweeted a troll that featured Sonakshi, but the actress took it all on a lighter note. She said you’ve got to take such things in good spirit and not make big deal out of them.

7. Listen up boys, take notes, Sonakshi has revealed what you can do to win her over

A guy tweeted a marriage proposal to Sonakshi, but she turned it down saying she is not into materialistic things. Zameen aur jaaydaad is not something that can lure the star into loving you, she needs lots of love.

P.S. Do not propose to her on social media!

Don’t you think she is very much like any of us? What do you love about Sonakshi the most? Write to us with your replies in the comments box below.

Watch the full episode of Pinch starring Sonakshi Sinha on ZEE5 now!

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