7 Props Used In The ZEE5 Original Series Rangbaaz That Are Sure To Remind You Of The 90s

Parinika Uchil

May 14, 2019

Web Series

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1. Mobile phones were humongous in size and shape

Source: ZEE5

Giving us a brief glimpse into the political scenario in the late 90s is the ZEE5 Original Series Rangbaaz. It is an exceptionally crafted story that talks about the life of a dreaded gangster called Shri Prakash Shukla (name changed to Shiv Prakash Shukla in the series) and how he eventually met his doom at a mere age of 25. There are aspects of romance in the film too just in case if you wondering whether the web-series is the serious types. Another reason to applaud the director Bhav Dhulia. Since the show is set in the 90s, I couldn’t help but come across a few props that made super-nostalgic.

Just so you can sail on that boat with me, here are some props that Rangbaaz has that will send you into a world of reminiscence!

How many of you remember these cordless looking phones they used to call mobile phones back then? I remember they used to be heavy and way bigger than the phones of today. And the only thing smart about these were the people who used them!

2. Those old rustic landlines

Source: ZEE5

While many people still use the old landlines, it is mostly for the antique value of the product. But in the late 90s, these rustic looking landlines were the in-thing for those who couldn’t afford the ‘mobile phones’. I just got goosebumps.

3. Radio was your technological trend for entertainment

Source: ZEE5

From songs, to stories, to gossip and news, a radio was the only source of entertainment to majority of the families back then, that is before the advent of TV came in. That too was only to people who could afford it. Otherwise, everywhere else, radio was in the in-thing.

4. Old currency

Source: ZEE5

I know that the currency designs have been changing forever, but those huge notes I can never forget. Especially when I watch old films, it is a cool thing to see how notes looked at those time periods. You amazed yet?

5. Those candy computers will always be my favourite

Source: ZEE5

What I mean is that these round shaped computers always reminded me of candy. Sort of like you have just picked it out of an animated cartoon. Can you imagine how far we have come since then? For millennials it must seem like only yesterday, I am sure.

6. Fashion trends

Source: Instagram

With bright patterns and contrast, the fashion trends of the 90s were so darn good that many fashion designers have made many attempts in the recent past to retrieve such styles back. Saqib Saleem aka Shiv Prasad Shukla looks like pukka 90s man on the show, right?

7. Old tech for us, latest for them back then

Source: ZEE5

If you have watched the show you will know that inspector Siddharth Pandey aka Ranvir Shorey talks about the latest technological development where they can hack a phone call? This was all the equipment they had back then. Now it’s all digital screens and easy tracking, but the police force at that time must have had a hard time nabbing culprits. Wow! What a journey it has been! These props just took me back in time!

If you too felt nostalgia while seeing these props, let us know what else you remember from decades ago that is outdated now, in the space given below.

To see how well Crazy Star V Ravichandran’s son has carried forward his legacy, watch the film Saheba, streaming on ZEE5 now!

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